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Archive for The Marketer Review

The Marketer Review from Tali Shapiro has it Last Post Ever on June 11 2008

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Tali Shapiro

This is Tali Shapiro a great Blogger and writer, besides been Hot, she is a remarkably smart woman and good marketer reviewer, I can tell by reading her Blog The Marketer Reviewer, that I actually enjoy her way of putting things out.

Now she´s changing her focus on a very different topic, seems that no more marketing writing can fulfill this young Blogger, so now she´s moving into her passion that is ThePinupBlog.com, you can paid a visit to this site and you will see how different topic.

But as she stated on her blog The Marketer Reviewer

Marketing is only a tool to make your dreams come true and to keep your passions burning

She also left a book that you can dowload for free no strings attached as she just stated

Help yourself to a copy of my e-book,Tali’s Uncensored Guide to the Long Copy Sales Letter.

I read it and it is quite good, you may give me your comments on this ebook, I´ll be very glad to know what did you think about it.

Its a shame she´s retired from the marketing, cause it is My real passion or at least still one of my biggest passions, another it is my 3 year old Baby Boy.

Since I´m getting sentimental, lol, I better let you browse this Titanic of Marketing Reviews, just unmovable down there waiting for others to admire and learn from what she had learned.

Thank You Tali, I will miss you on as a Reviewer.

Visit The Marketer Review for a better look and Enjoy.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


PS: I forget to remind you, download her ebook and read it and then, please come back and leave me your comments about it.

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