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How To Automate Your Twitter Account With TweetLater dot Com

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TwitterCounter for @LuisTorres

I found this site tweetlater.com where you can automate your tweets by Time Stamping them in a way similar to the feature in wordpress for your posts.

If you know that you will not be able to tweet for any reason, lets say you need to travel, go on vacation or anything that will stop your tweets, then this is the solution to stay tweeting regularly even if you are away.

This is useful feature will allow you to time stamp a bunch of tweets in advance and then release them to go live at a predetermined time, same as wordpress with posts.

You can add more than one account and automate them all. Below it is an actual screenshot from my account panel.

Send Direct-Messages or Public-tweets to Your New Followers in Autopilot

This feature alone will save you a lot of time, you just include a 120 character message to be send to every new follower automatically as a direct message or you can choose to send a public tweet.

Follow Your New Followers Automatically

You may also return the favor automatically by checking a box to follow your new “followers”.

TwitterCounter for @LuisTorres

You may Follow Me by clicking the counter or the link, I have the feature checked in TweetLater.com, so I will follow you back automatically, please help me to test this new feature, Thank You.

You can too check

to publish a tweet that welcomes new followers, better follow the warning in case you are very popular, next is as stated on the site:

Do not use this option if you get many new followers every day. The TweetLater system will publish a tweet on your behalf that reads, “Welcome new followers: @username, @username, @username, etc.” It will include as many new followers as can fit into the 140 character limit. If not all the new followers fit into 140 characters, it will create a second tweet, and a third, etc., until all your new followers have been welcomed. The system will check for new followers and send the digest tweet once every few hours.

You can also get your replies in a digest email if you dont have the time to check your replies in twitter.

I forgot, This site is FREE in case you wonder.

Dont You Agree with me, that This SIte is Really Cool, please tell me your point of view.

Did you think this siteĀ“s features can be very useful?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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