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How To Get More More Retweets On Twitter

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By: Garin Kilpatrick

Getting retweeted is a great way to extend your influence online.

Retweets lead to more traffic, more followers, and more clout.

To maximize your retweet potential your best bet is to have a catchy headline, clean grammar, and some cool content to drive your tweet home.

Write a tactical tweet, and even if it lacks monumental importance, the science of retweeting will help it spread.

Write a bold tweet and there is a good chance that someone will retweet it.

By using powerful twitter tools and acting on the following ten tips you will get more followers and your tweets will be retweeted far and wide!

1. Install a Twitter button into your website/blog

Twitter recently launched the official Twitter tweet button, which I really like (you’ll notice it at the bottom of this post). Installing this button into your website makes it easy for people to retweet content on your page.

I like the official tweet button because it uses the custom url shortener t.co and because it gives you the option to suggest users for the person using it to follow after they tweet.

2. Message your friends and ask them to retweet you

If you have a tweet you want retweeted try sending a message to your friends asking them to retweet it for you.

You can message your friends with DM’s via twitter, with facebook, or even with good old email when asking for a retweet.

3. Repeat your best tweets

If you worked hard on a blog post that you know deserves some attention don’t be afraid to tweet it out a few times.

When you repeat your tweet, mix it up. Don’t tweet the exact same tweet every time. Re-word your tweet and you will appeal to different people each time you tweet it.

There are almost 100,000,000 tweets a day. It is harder than ever to get noticed these days, due to the sheer volume of tweets.

As long as you don’t spam, and add value, it’s fair game.

4. Say thanks!

When you start getting a ton of retweets it is difficult to thank everyone who retweets you, but if you notice that someone has retweeted you several times then take the time to say “thanks” and they will be more likely to retweet you again.

5. Use Backtweets

If you have a popular post that has gotten some retweets, there is a good chance that it will get retweeted by some people who will not mention your username.

Use backtweets to find everyone who has tweeted your link.

Thank these people for retweeting you and you will gain a new follower and friend that will probably retweet you again.

6. Build Retweeting Relationships

Promote the content of others more than you promote your own content. The ratio that Chris Brogan uses is 15 x 1, and it seems to work well for him. Help others get their message out and they will be much more likely to do the same for you.

7. Include @mentions to those referenced in your post

Include the twitter user name of others in your blog post, and then send a shout out to them on twitter letting them know.

There is a good chance that others will retweet your post when they find out they are in it!

8. Use www.pleaseRT.me

www.pleaseRT.me is not a very mainstream link shortening tool, but for that very reason it might net you a few more RT’s.

Use this url shortener and you will be seen as a savvy trendsetter.

9. Schedule your tweets for maximum effectiveness

I use Hootsuite to schedule my tweets, but tweet scheduling is built into several twitter apps, such as TweetDeck and TweetAdder.

By scheduling tweets you can ensure that your content will be sent out during peak times for maximum exposure, even if you are not there to manually tweet it.

Tweets scheduled in TweetAdder post as “from web” so it seems like you are tweeting them live.

10. Tweet Quotes

Take a minute and dig up some great quotes.

Great tweets seem to always retweet very well for me, and I’m sure they will do the same for you.

There are plenty of quotes websites online, and you can follow @GreatestQuotes and @Motivational for cool quotes on twitter.

For awesome tips for getting more retweets and followers you should check out this tweet adder review on TwitterToolsBook.com.

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Twitter Made Easy

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Twitter is usually a very powerful advertising and marketing instrument to your on-line business. Twitter makes it so easy for customers to spread data virally that studying to use it to its full potential is imperative. I struggled with it for months trying to get the most out it and listed here are some twitter tips and methods that hopefully you should utilize too.

1. HootSuite is my favorite twitter management software of the moment. If you have a number of twitter accounts and facebook fan pages, HootSuite is the way in which to go. I used TweetDeck for a very long time and was always having issues of some sort.Here's tweetomatic profiteer paid surveys. The most important problem was I wasn't getting all my @mentions and retweets fed through. I used to be lacking a lot of dialog and thanking opportunities. Also, TweetDeck does not yet have the fan web page option. Fan pages are a big part of my advertising and I need to have the ability to see what's going on over there with out having to log into facebook, undergo all the clicking, etc. HootSuite will feed your fan pages in addition to your twitter accounts.

2. As talked about with HootSuite, it's imperative that you simply take note of who is retweeting your posts and who is mentioning you. Check tweetomatic profiteer paid surveys. Individuals are more prone to keep selling your material in the event that they know you might be listening and recognize them taking the time to unfold your material by the net world. In the event that they respond to a publish, ask a question, or retweet you'll want to thank them or answer their question accordingly. This is a nice strategy to construct a new online friendship.

3. Should you use Yahoo Messenger, you'll have an entirely different group of potential readers/prospects over there. Yahoo Messenger now has the choice to feed your twitter posts by your Yahoo Messenger standing updates. Make the most of the free pub opportunity.

4. Do not use twitter to strictly promote your personal materials. It is known as "social advertising and marketing" for a reason. Should you come across an excellent post or product from somebody you are following, retweet it. Let folks know you're there to be a part of a neighborhood, not simply there for yourself. On-line karma, you already know I am a huge fan.:)

Twitter is such a terrific instrument and it is free. Yay free of charge! Benefit from the opportunity. Use it to advertise yourself and others.

Grab realistic advice in the sphere of free traffic – please go through the webpage. The times have come when proper info is truly only one click of your mouse, use this opportunity.

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