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Now I Know What Keywords To Write!

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I fell in love with the Rank Tracker Plugin almost as soon as I installed it. I’ve used other tools to track and improve my SEO efforts, and they work well. However, for each of my websites, Rank Checker has shown me powerful, related niches that hadn’t even crossed my mind… and where I can succeed with minimal work.

What I like best is how refreshing Rank Tracker is. It shifts my focus to what I’m already doing well, and where I’m ranking at or near the top for certain keywords. That helps me recognize the advantage I already have… and might not be aware of it. Often, that’s a happy surprise; I like using an SEO tool that makes me smile every time I open it!

To succeed online, maintaining your existing command of a niche is as important as researching and competing for new keywords. However, I don’t always have time to identify the areas where I’m already in the lead. Rank Tracker saves me hours that I might spend double-checking myriad keyword phrases in my favorite niches.

Also, Rank Tracker Plugin helps me spot new niches that are growing in popularity, where I can succeed. That’s been one of the biggest surprises as I survey each site’s traffic with Rank Checker. Being one step ahead of the competition is invaluable!


Writing a good search engine optimized article is essential to get traffic from search engines, but a web writer must take other proactive measures to increase the traffic to his/her articles. Inserting relevant links back linking and inter linking help writers to increase their page views. Once the article is published, writers can also take the advantage of different social bookmarking sites and social networking sites to increase page views of their web pages or articles.

Back Linking and Inter Linking

Back linking or inbound linking is an important concept in search engine optimization. Relevant back links can increase the page rank of a webpage to a great extent. When search engines find relevant inbound links to any article, it improves the page rank of the article, whereas a non relevant inbound link is almost of no use. For example, an article on health insurance having an inbound link from a big insurance company is relevant and good for SEO.

Interlinking is linking between two articles written by the same author and published in the same website. Traffic from one article can be easily driven to another relevant article through interlink. Suppose an article on SEO and keyword can inter link with an article written on how to increase website traffic. Many online writers use this strategy to increase readability of their articles.

Role Of Anchor Links In SEO

Anchor links are helpful in terms of SEO. Instead of inserting a raw link in an article, links can be embedded in a relevant keyword. So, that the reader knows exactly where he/she is going to land up. It is also beneficial in terms of SEO as some extra keywords can be added through this strategy.

Useful Back Linking Tools

There are many free back linking tools and websites. These include SEO Pro, Web Masters Backlink Checker, Webconfs Baklink etc.

Social Bookmarking and Social Networking Sites to Increase Page Views

Social bookmarking and networking sites are also very helpful for driving traffic. Once the article is published, writers can self promote by posting links to social book marking sites like Stumble Upon, Reddit, Delicious, Digg, etc. Social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut are also useful. These social networking sites have forums on different topics, and authors can post their article links to such relevant forums.

Strategic use of these methods will help to optimize articles and web pages and increase traffic to websites.

Afterward, i put the rank checker tool on one of my sites awhile back and never got around to checking back on it until today. Now I find the site is on page 1 of Google for 50 different keywords – many of which were brand new ideas for me.

But, If you’re still wondering to know further and learn more, you might want to check out Rank Tracker WordPress Plugin REVIEW, the author Paul Forcey reputation, or…
is the Rank Tracker WordPress Plugin SCAM or The True Deal?
Check out once again “Rank Tracker WordPress Plugin REVIEW” in http://reviewbest.net/rank-tracker-wordpress-plugin-review-ranktrackerplugincom is really clear and show some proof of the reliability of the product.
Most important factor of all, 100% money back guarantees when you aren’t satisfied with this product. So trying out the product would be RISK-FREE…

If you are searching Internet for information about one way links, then make sure to check out the link that was mentioned right in this passage.

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Did The Spam Comment Filter Akismet Really Works?

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Comment spam is one of the biggest blights on the Internet. As far as I’m concerned, comment spam is the single most despicable and destructive activity on the Internet today. Comment spam is a serious problem.

There are 4 basic defences against spam comment:

  1. Captcha (proactive)
  2. Filters like Akismet (reactive)
  3. Admin moderation (reactive)
  4. Reader flagging (reactive) “Comments with advertisements will be removed”

I had been using Akismet all the time except for the last 2 months, just as a personal test, I deactivate Aksimet.

The Test consisted in a single easy task “Deactivate Akismet“, I still have my Askimet deactivated, you may think I am crazy but my first intention were to do it just for one single day, but nothing happened, I mean I didnt get flooded with spam comments as I tought I would be, since Akismet told me everyday from my WordPress panel “I stopped 50, 150, 80 Spam comments and so on” but It didnt really showed me the comments to moderate them.

I just got 1 comment to moderate, that according to Akismet it was a Spam Comment, that actually turns out to be a Real Good Comment from a known guy to me. I am not saing Akismet does not work, I am saying it maybe my Akismet it is not working as it should.

Or Could the statistics be a little inflated?, have you ever counted all of your Spam Comments stopped by Akismet? I didnt had the opportunity, since I found out something I didnt were actually looking for. What I were looking for, it was just to see How Hard could it be (at the present time when I had deactivate Akismet) to moderate so many comments and see if they really could harm my blog.

I know maybe a little nuts of me, but I just had to give it a try, and I just had to delete at the most 4 real Spam Comments these last 2 months, and I still have my Akismet deactivated, I not saying this so you can exploit this right now and spam me, it may seem I am looking for trouble with spammers, but it feels odd loosing all that popularity with comment spammers, after seeing hundreds of comments per day, now I just have to moderate about a few tens of them and basically they all are real ones.

What happened?, what it is still happening right now?

Where did my popularity gone? with spammers of course.

At least this is ok, I prefer not need to deal with spammers, but, Did you ever had this kind of problems?

Still looking for answers, Would you please leave your Spa.. err mean comment about it and help me to clarify my problem.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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Make your Blog DoFollow and Give Some Love To Your Readers/Commenters

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I have just found a WordPress DoFollow plugin, with this plugin you can actually change the links on your comments and/or post to DoFollow. WordPress often by default make all of your links NoFollow. With this plugin you can change that and share some PR with the blogging community.

Some people are afraid of doing this (turn their blogs into DoFollow) since they believe search engines like Google will ban them believing they are Link Farms. The attribute Nofollow it is suppose to help fight comment spam, but look at what an annonymous link spammer said in an interview about this activity. By his comments seems they do not care much about if the blog it is DoFollow or NoFollow.

You may need to choose between your readers/visitors/commenters and search engines, some people already done so, like John Chow he was penalized, but he continued with his traffic and success, so, what did you prefer High PR with none or minor success or low PR with a lot of subscribers and making money online with a succesful site. Maybe it is a hard choice, but I have already giving it a try, my Entrecard widget “Recent Entrecard Dropers” is DoFollow, therefore all of my dropers are getting the benefit of a backlink. Now with this FREE DoFollow plugin, you can make your blog more interesting to leave a comment.

If you have the intention of selling or accepting text-links the best choice it is to make them “NoFollow“, since Google do not like this kind of transactions and may punish you, since you may help to influence the serps results and profiting from it.

Right now Im testing Neurolinker, this suppose to help you with your backlinks, I will post about this later, after I get some Hard Data.

What are your experiences with DoFollow and NoFollow? How dangerous did you think it could be this?

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How to Show Some Love to Your Entrecard Dropers With EntreDropers Free PlugIn

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Today I found a cool FREE plug-in “EntreDropers”, you can see it in my right hand side bar below the Entrecard Widget.

This plug-in will show your last dropers taken from the RSS feed at Entrecard. You have the option to make the links “DoFollow” or “NoFollow”, I just choose to use “DoFollow” so you will get a real back link to your site, the more you drop on me, the more chances you have to keep in the first 5 Top dropers (you can also choose how many dropers to show, I just choose to show my first 5), therefore your site will be showing on the widget.

I also selected to show the description of your blog, this is just to Thanks all of my Dropers. Do the same, download the FREE plugin “EntreDropers” and show some love to your daily dropers, reward them, it may help you to make them come back for more love from you :-).

If you have any doubt on how to install this plugin just visit here to download and for the full information from his developer Owen Cutajar.

There are some other cool FREE plugins in this site.


I hope you will want to drop on me more often than before with this new plugin :-).

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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Convert Keywords on Your Blog Into Money-Making Affiliate Links with New Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin from MaxBlogPress

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Ninja Affiliate it is a WordPress plugin developed to improve Affiliate Marketing into your WordPress blog and double or triple your affiliate marketing commissions with almost no effort on your part.

With Ninja Affiliate, you will be able to automatically convert any keyword in your blog to an affiliate link instantly. You can also cloak your affiliate links, track them and manage them right from your WordPress text editor.

Here’s what Ninja Affiliate can do for you:

  1. Easy Affiliate Link Management – You can easily give each affiliate link an easy-to-remember name..
  2. Flexible Link Management – Accepts every affiliate link format out there, so you don’t have to waste time with various affiliate marketing tools..
  3. Create Professional Redirect Links – Use professional looking redirect links that let your prospects know you’re a pro marketer..
  4. Manage Links by Groups – Too many affiliate links? Ninja Affiliate allows you to easily create different groups to manage your links..
  5. Prevent “Affiliate Theft” – Cloak your affiliate links to prevent link theft and affiliate sabotage. No one will ever steal your hard-earned commissions again..
  6. Insert Affiliate Links Directly – Add your affiliate links directly for your WordPress blog editor – you’ll never have to hunt for links again..
  7. Transform Keywords to Links – Automatically turn keywords in your blog to affiliate links. You can set a limit too, so your posts don’t look like a spam blog!
  8. Advanced Display Options – Ninja Affiliate allows you to display any text you want in your web browser’s status bar..
  9. Use “No-Follow” Links – Control your link juice and escape punishment from Big Daddy Google with ninja precision. In fact, you can control your links any way you want to.

Keyword 2 Links

Ninja Affiliate Screenshot

When it comes to converting keywords to affiliate links, Ninja Affiliate is one of the best systems I have seen, that allows you to have full control.

You can choose to limit the amount of keywords converted on a single page and on the blog as a whole.

Plus, you can also have custom formatting for your affiliate links that are automatically converted by Ninja Affiliate!

Finally, you can turn off Ninja Affiliate‘s “Keyword 2 Links” feature any time you want without breaking anything!

Complete affiliate link management and tracking from one central location

You can organize your affiliate links and group them on a easy to find arrangement.

Manage center Ninja Affiliate

Manage center Ninja Affiliate 2

You can group your affiliate links like in the image so that you know which affiliate link you´re dealing with.

Add Subcampaigns to your links

This feature allows you keep track of all your traffic sources, let say for instance when you promote your blog in forums and in others blogs, how will you know which source is really paying you back from all of your efforts and which are not?

The answer is subcampaigns.

Yes, with subcampaigns, you can track different traffic sources independently and you can know which ones are really making it big time and which are not. Know which forums or blogs are worth promoting and which are not. Create the subcampaigns you want and make them look organized. Know how far your blog has progressed.

subcampaing ninja

There’s no need to be logged in to Ninja Affiliate every time for creating sub campaigns. You can just add “-” and a word at the end of Ninja link and the sub campaign will be created automatically for you.



Know How Many People Visited your Link and also Know Where are they Coming From

From the MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate back office you can see exactly how many people have visited your link and also from where they’re coming. No guess work for figuring out which of your marketing effort is actually bringing you the result.

how many visits

Create more Professional Looking Links

You can create links like these ones:


Ninja short links

They look a lot better than this one, that it shows no professionalism and some people may not even trust you just by that.


you also can cloak any of your links so you will not loose any other commission due to commission thevies.

This WordPress PlugIn it has been released just now, and there is an introductory price a “Special Launch Discount” of 20% but only before Midnight of Friday 05 of this month (September), after that it will increase back to its original price.

The regular price is 97 US dlls, but you can grab it before Friday at only 77 US dlls, I really think this is a must have plugin if you are looking to Make Money Online with affiliate marketing.

If you want to know how to improve your affiliate efforts check this tutorial FREE video from Jeff Johnson.

If you want to check this plugin just visit Ninja Affiliate

To your Success,

Luis Torres


If you have any question please leave your comment, I will really appreciate your thoughts.

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