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3 Points You Need To Know About Twitter To Increase Your Following

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The excellent thing for a business looking to improve their advertising efforts is that many of today’s top tools are free. Twitter, Facebook, and various other social networks offer outstanding capability to help get the word out about a business. The sad news is, unless you have been diligent in keeping up with all of the latest improvements of the internet, you might find yourself uneasy at even the mention of a TWEET or FAN PAGE. As we all imagin the reality is far less scary then thought.

Twitter, for example, can be incredibly useful in promoting your brand and it is incredibly simple to use once you get your feet wet. The key point here is getting people to FOLLOW you who care about what you are offering…and it is actually just about as easy done as said.

Below are the 3 great manageable steps to gaining targeted Twitter Followers:

1. Identify your competition-Never the less what you do, chances are there is someone else out there doing the same thing. Find out who your competition is in your niche. If you only market to people in a local area, then only list those businesses that are in that area as well.

2. Locate their account on Twitter-By visiting the business website you can often times find their Twitter account,, however if its not listed there, you can use the Twitter search function to find them. There is a chance a business does not have a Twitter account, simply move on to the next business on your list.

3. Follow their followers!-You found your competition on Twitter, getting targeted followers to your account is as simple as following THEIR followers! What you offer and have to say I am sure those same followers will be interested in. The fact is, there is a strong chance you can get some of them to use your services instead of doing business with your compatition. To do this, simply look on the top right of their account where you can see the number of followers they have and the number of people they are following. Now click FOLLOWERS. This will show you everyone following your compatition. Just go down the list and click on follow for each of them(or as many as you want.) Keep in mind that Twitter does impose limits on how many you can follow depending on how large your account is. When this is completed, a certain percentage of people WILL follow you back…VOILA! Targeted followers! The better quality your account is (interesting info in your bio, interesting tweet, and entertaining/informative background) the more people will follow. It really is that clear-cut.

Thats it…3 simple steps to gaining more Twitter targeted followers. Grab some up and don’t forget to communicate with them. There is no amount that will guarantee you success, but by having a number of new eyes veiwing your tweets, you can increase the chances that some of these will be interested in your products and services. When used effecently, Twitter is a great an effective way to gain new clients in the future.

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