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Promoted Tweets – The New Promotional Spark For Your Corporation To Experience?

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Twitter, which is in essence a huge loss making venture until it finds itself some kind of promotional position, has announced that to build up its revenues it will start accepting advertising and displaying a maximum of one Promoted Tweet per search result.

At the same time as some people find it interesting, others are worried about the prospect. But with such huge amounts of commerce already getting an income through Twitter, why should it not jump on its own bandwagon?

Twitter Marketing
There are plenty of Twitter accounts set up to market a product – some even just market a make money with Twitter product. You just need to glance through your list of Twitter followers to see how loads of are not interested in what you have to say, but want to try to sell you a product or an idea. You in all probability know the kind – following you today, gone tomorrow.

Pay Per Tweet
Likewise, there are sites that sell pay per Tweet publicity where Twitter users can meet advertisers. Advertisers recompense these people to Tweet around them, in the hope of sending more visitors their way.

This can be very beneficial for some Twitter users, particularly those with a high public profile who are disposed to go down the product recommendation route.

Will It Be Too Much?
A number of analysts fear that dropping in Promoted Tweets in to the search results will be too much for readers to put up with and they will go elsewhere. But a lot of others, and I agree with this assumption, sense that users will accept them as part and parcel of the service.

We all understand that a business has to make money to not just survive, but to expand and grow at the rate that Twitter is developing. One odd advert in a collection of genuine search results, when it fits in with the actual results, will not upset plenty of users. And Twitter has developed such a strong base of users that people only will not be able to walk away and go elsewhere. They have created their corner of the market and are in such a strong position that no-one else can simply join in with them.

The Risk
The highest risk must be that some developers might create software to detect and filter out the adverts, but these should surely be difficult to spot, unless they are flagged as such. And if they are only showing in search results, not in profile pages, is the average user going to see too numerous adverts on a typical day?

To me, sponsored Tweets sounds a worthy scheme for the business and a way for it to survive. With the quantity of data they hold for users that are logged in, the adverts can be very precisely targeted by interests and geographical area.

Like it or not, Promoted Tweets are on their way and I believe they will be here to stay!

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