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The New Seo – Social Media Optimization And Twitter

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One of the more fascinating paths that Internet advertising has led into is the area of Social Media Optimization (SMO). The time period SMO was coined by Internet professional Rohit Bhargava as a catch phrase to what’s happening within the Internet these days: a unique technique to increase website traffic. In a way, SMO is an offshoot of search engine optimization, exploring new channels other than the omnipresent search engines. Will SMO probably unseat search engine optimization as a means to draw huge visitors to websites?

TO reply that, we need to know what it is in the first place, and how it’s different, or similar, to search engine optimization.

First, social media is the playground of SMO. SMO takes advantage of the distinctive ability of social media services to gather a world audience — people who share data and construct relationships online. SEO practitioners have begun to leverage social media websites like Twitter to lure people, not search engines, into websites. These days, it’s not unusual for marketers to spend time Twittering for SEO, an exercise that includes cultivating Twitter accounts, constructing a following and being followed. They set up relationships with users, mixing in with the rest of the Twitter population, and posting attention-grabbing tweets about consumer websites.

Twittering for SEO means building communities inside Twitter that sends and receives marketing messages. Unlike traditional search engine marketing that positions web sites to be observed by search engines, and whose foremost objective is to be ranked at Google’s first page, twittering for SEO is the proverbial word-of-mouth. Twitter’s on-line microblogging feature allows any message to unfold fast all throughout the Twittersphere. When this message spreads, the recipients are real people, and when real folks notice, they click on links, translating to instant traffic to the website clicked.

SMO means modifying web sites to make them more linkable and friendlier to Twitter’s search engines. With traditional search engine optimization, web site optimization is done with a thoughts for adhering to look engine algorithms.

Twittering for SEO also includes many of the techniques concerned in traditional search engine optimization. Generating traffic through related content, perceptive marketing, link-building, and group participation stay effective methods to market a site.

Nevertheless, twittering for SEO also has many distinct differences over commonplace search engine optimization. Because the viewers for SMO are real people and not search engine bots alone, further care ought to be observed when marketing an idea or a site. To generate a wider audience for a product, SMO means understanding the target market more carefully. Content have to be more relevant, useful and something of value to users. Moreover, twittering for SEO means participating more actively in community threads, to sustain awareness of the product or web site being marketed.

Successfully twittering for SEO to drive site visitors to websites means being aware of the social aspect of Internet advertising — using all of the tact and diplomacy similar to when marketing immediately and face-to-face.

What does this imply for Internet marketing? Simply that two advertising channels are higher than one. As SMO evolves to uncover more techniques to drive mass visitors to sites, SMO plus good old SEO practices are more effective to achieve this aim than any considered one of them alone.

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