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Search Engine Optimization: How To Choose The Title Tag

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This post Topic were actually suggested by a reader in a comment he did in Top 9 Tips to Get Repeated Online Traffic , since this is a huge topic, I told him I cannot answer him in a comment. My intention it is to answer his and everybody else´s question about Tags.

I found a Video from Daniel Scocco about this topic.

He uses this code to create an optimal title tag for WordPress just paste it on the header.

<title><?php if (is_home () ) { bloginfo(‘name’); }
elseif ( is_category() ) { single_cat_title(); echo ' - ' ; bloginfo(‘name’); }
elseif (is_single() ) { single_post_title();}
elseif (is_page() ) { single_post_title();}
else { wp_title(‘’,true); } ?></title>

You can also use All in One SEO Pack FREE PlugIn by Michael Uberdose to do some awesome tweaks in your WordPress blog. This is by far a MUST HAVE plug in.

An awesome resource in case you want to know about Search Engine Optimization it is the SEO Book by Aaron Wall. In his site there is also great tools like a Keyword Research Tool and a Search Analytics Tool and more.

Have you any other question about this topic? Just leave me a comment and I will help you out.

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  1. I also use similar code for the title tag. I have All in One SEO Pack downloaded few weeks ago and plan to use it after I moved in to my new server. But I just forgot it. Thanks for reminding me, I will upload and use it now.

    Amors last blog post..Moving on

  2. @Amor- Its a real great tool, there is a lot of tweaking you can do with this plugIn. Even changing the Title Tag of your whole Blog and or the Title tag page by page can be different if you want.

  3. Well which one out of this is better ?

    Keyword :: Keyword :: Keyword :: DomainName.Com
    Keyword | Keyword | Keyword | DomainName.Com

    Keyword – Keyword – Keyword – DomainName.Com ??

  4. @Krunal- I really havent found which its the best, it seems there is not much of a difference.
    Keyword | Keyword | Keyword | DomainName.Com – This one it is the most used on the web and it is also the one I do prefer.

    @Classifieds- The SEO Book It is indeed a really good source of SEO information for anyone that wants to succeed big time.

  5. After Reading your blog I decided to use It and find that it is really better than previous one. Now i m also using it.

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