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Marketing With Social Websites

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The explosion of the interactive social web has brought forth a new way of marketing. Websites such as twitter, facebook, and digg as well as the entire blogosphere allow internet marketers to employ a more interactive approach when marketing with their target audience. They can ask them about different keywords or marketing ploys. It is easy to ask your twitter audience to read an article you wrote and ask them what they think. If it is a blog post then it is possible to pick up new readers which of course are great for monetization of a new e book your coming out with or products that you endorse. The point is when using social websites to market you must interact with your audience or network rather than talk at them.

With so many different social websites out there it is hard to choose which ones will work best for your needs. If you run a forum you may find a facebook fan page much better than a twitter profile, but it is worth the time to try both so you know which social websites will work the best. There are also some rules when you join the social facebook and the most important is not to spam. I don’t care who you are if you send only links and they are constant I will delete and remove you. The occasional link is fine especially if you explain why you are sending it, but when that is the majority of your messages or tweets you will find yourself constantly losing people within your network. On the other hand if you actually put good information on your social profiles you will notice that people are going to recommend you. This will greatly increase your network and profit possibility. A good example I have is when I posted my marketing tips of the day they were retweeted quite frequently and the largest jump I noticed was 50 new followers for one good quality tip. Did I put a link in the tweet? No! links are not something that is well perceived at least in the studies that I have done.

Now one thing I would like to point out is when trying to increase your network you should be everywhere. I have set up profiles on all social networking and bookmarking sites that I have come across. Personally I recommend spending 20% of your marketing time on social media websites. You should always start a blog no matter what niche you have these are extremely easy to set up and make it possible for your readers to have one solid reference which they can find all of your work. Blogs are also really nice when you need to increase your backlinks. If you want to increase your backlinks when blogging all you need to do is put a link to your website in your blog and each new post will be one more backlink to your website. Of course having your own blog is not the only way to build backlinks from the blogosphere it is also possible to comment on high authority do follow blogs which you can find by going to google and typing in do follow blog finder, list of do follow blogs, and/or do follow blog directory. If you do this google will bring you lists of thousands of do follow blogs for you to increase your backlinks.

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