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I fell in love with the Rank Tracker Plugin almost as soon as I installed it. I’ve used other tools to track and improve my SEO efforts, and they work well. However, for each of my websites, Rank Checker has shown me powerful, related niches that hadn’t even crossed my mind… and where I can succeed with minimal work.

What I like best is how refreshing Rank Tracker is. It shifts my focus to what I’m already doing well, and where I’m ranking at or near the top for certain keywords. That helps me recognize the advantage I already have… and might not be aware of it. Often, that’s a happy surprise; I like using an SEO tool that makes me smile every time I open it!

To succeed online, maintaining your existing command of a niche is as important as researching and competing for new keywords. However, I don’t always have time to identify the areas where I’m already in the lead. Rank Tracker saves me hours that I might spend double-checking myriad keyword phrases in my favorite niches.

Also, Rank Tracker Plugin helps me spot new niches that are growing in popularity, where I can succeed. That’s been one of the biggest surprises as I survey each site’s traffic with Rank Checker. Being one step ahead of the competition is invaluable!


Writing a good search engine optimized article is essential to get traffic from search engines, but a web writer must take other proactive measures to increase the traffic to his/her articles. Inserting relevant links back linking and inter linking help writers to increase their page views. Once the article is published, writers can also take the advantage of different social bookmarking sites and social networking sites to increase page views of their web pages or articles.

Back Linking and Inter Linking

Back linking or inbound linking is an important concept in search engine optimization. Relevant back links can increase the page rank of a webpage to a great extent. When search engines find relevant inbound links to any article, it improves the page rank of the article, whereas a non relevant inbound link is almost of no use. For example, an article on health insurance having an inbound link from a big insurance company is relevant and good for SEO.

Interlinking is linking between two articles written by the same author and published in the same website. Traffic from one article can be easily driven to another relevant article through interlink. Suppose an article on SEO and keyword can inter link with an article written on how to increase website traffic. Many online writers use this strategy to increase readability of their articles.

Role Of Anchor Links In SEO

Anchor links are helpful in terms of SEO. Instead of inserting a raw link in an article, links can be embedded in a relevant keyword. So, that the reader knows exactly where he/she is going to land up. It is also beneficial in terms of SEO as some extra keywords can be added through this strategy.

Useful Back Linking Tools

There are many free back linking tools and websites. These include SEO Pro, Web Masters Backlink Checker, Webconfs Baklink etc.

Social Bookmarking and Social Networking Sites to Increase Page Views

Social bookmarking and networking sites are also very helpful for driving traffic. Once the article is published, writers can self promote by posting links to social book marking sites like Stumble Upon, Reddit, Delicious, Digg, etc. Social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut are also useful. These social networking sites have forums on different topics, and authors can post their article links to such relevant forums.

Strategic use of these methods will help to optimize articles and web pages and increase traffic to websites.

Afterward, i put the rank checker tool on one of my sites awhile back and never got around to checking back on it until today. Now I find the site is on page 1 of Google for 50 different keywords – many of which were brand new ideas for me.

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