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Did The Spam Comment Filter Akismet Really Works?

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Comment spam is one of the biggest blights on the Internet. As far as I’m concerned, comment spam is the single most despicable and destructive activity on the Internet today. Comment spam is a serious problem.

There are 4 basic defences against spam comment:

  1. Captcha (proactive)
  2. Filters like Akismet (reactive)
  3. Admin moderation (reactive)
  4. Reader flagging (reactive) “Comments with advertisements will be removed”

I had been using Akismet all the time except for the last 2 months, just as a personal test, I deactivate Aksimet.

The Test consisted in a single easy task “Deactivate Akismet“, I still have my Askimet deactivated, you may think I am crazy but my first intention were to do it just for one single day, but nothing happened, I mean I didnt get flooded with spam comments as I tought I would be, since Akismet told me everyday from my WordPress panel “I stopped 50, 150, 80 Spam comments and so on” but It didnt really showed me the comments to moderate them.

I just got 1 comment to moderate, that according to Akismet it was a Spam Comment, that actually turns out to be a Real Good Comment from a known guy to me. I am not saing Akismet does not work, I am saying it maybe my Akismet it is not working as it should.

Or Could the statistics be a little inflated?, have you ever counted all of your Spam Comments stopped by Akismet? I didnt had the opportunity, since I found out something I didnt were actually looking for. What I were looking for, it was just to see How Hard could it be (at the present time when I had deactivate Akismet) to moderate so many comments and see if they really could harm my blog.

I know maybe a little nuts of me, but I just had to give it a try, and I just had to delete at the most 4 real Spam Comments these last 2 months, and I still have my Akismet deactivated, I not saying this so you can exploit this right now and spam me, it may seem I am looking for trouble with spammers, but it feels odd loosing all that popularity with comment spammers, after seeing hundreds of comments per day, now I just have to moderate about a few tens of them and basically they all are real ones.

What happened?, what it is still happening right now?

Where did my popularity gone? with spammers of course.

At least this is ok, I prefer not need to deal with spammers, but, Did you ever had this kind of problems?

Still looking for answers, Would you please leave your Spa.. err mean comment about it and help me to clarify my problem.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. dude its because the spammers optimize their lists of blogs maybe 😛 if they notice they cant post on your blog, they remove it from the list (automated) as simple as that ..
    and the comment “most despicable and destructive activity on the Internet today” is so redicilously retarded…like wtf there is tons of much more destructive things happening as that comment crap. look at all the exploits, spyware, botnets, worms or even just email spam thats all much worse than some stupid comments..

  2. Thanks for your comment Lulz,

    I thought that myself, they just throw me out of their list, well seems I will not need to activate Akismet for now.

    About “most despicable and destructive activity on the Internet today” comment, I know it was a little exagerated, you are right it was kinda ridiculous, lol.

    And I consider email spam worst and more anoying than comment spam.

  3. Hi Ian,

    Good to have you here.

    Yes I know about the awaiting to moderate list, but I have it empty, today I just got 1 spam comment, al others are real ones like yours.

    I dont know how to tell Akismet that aparticular blog it is a spam, since I am not using for now, I havent discovered Akismet features.

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