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Is My Harvest America A Scam Or For Real?

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Here’s my individual experience with My Harvest America… I don’t do the shopping for our family, but I handle the finances and know groceries are one of our larger monthly expenditures. We’re always looking for ways to save more money. I joined My Harvest America thinking I could save my wife some time and save the family some money at the same time. So, we sat down together and placed a small order for few of the more common items we purchase frequently. We bought 9 items costing a total of $16.74. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that we saved $12.84 over what we would typically spend for the exact same items (and my wife is a frugal shopper). That’s a 44% savings in less than 10 minutes! I can’t wait to see the savings after a few months.

In case you didn’t know, My Harvest America launched in December 2009 and is a subscription based online discount grocery store. They claim to have 10,000 name brand and generic products. They take product recommendations from customers so their list of products always seems to be growing. I was able to find most of the products we use on a frequent basis and have suggested they add the ones they did not have. Hopefully it will not take long to see them in the grocery lists. My Harvest America boasts their prices are up to 50% lower than retail prices. This will of course vary across the country, but my experience has shown their claim to be correct. They also offer free nationwide shipping no matter the size of your order.

My Harvest America is also a business opportunity. It uses a 3×8 matrix and has a good compensation plan. There is a yearly fee to use My Harvest America as an revenue source, but they also give you a discount from your monthly subscription if you choose to go this route. Between the savings from your grocery bill and the monthly subscription reduction, plus you can earn an income just by referring others, it’s a no brainer to enroll in the My Harvest America business opportunity.

So, the question remains… Is My Harvest America a scam? Whether or not you are looking for a business opportunity or are just looking for Groceries at Discount Prices, I have to say that it is NOT a scam. They have delivered on everything they said they would (no pun intended). All of the food we use that I have looked at have been at least a 20% savings and most have been in the 30-40% savings range.

Now, if you spend more than $200 a month on groceries, you will more than likely end up saving money with My Harvest America. Even after you take the subscription cost into account and don’t forget about the potential to make a full time income working from home just by referring everybody you know to My Harvest America. Do you know anyone who doesn’t buy groceries? Do you think they would like to Make Money With Groceries too?

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