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Signing Up Your Own Clickbank Affiliates

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Okay, you have created your product, you’ve got signed up with Clickbank and now you’re ready for all the sales to simply start rolling in. Well, not so fast. See, there’s a slight little problem. Clickbank is a pretty big place and your product is only one out of the many thousands that it sells. To make matters worse, you do not get yourself even listed within the marketplace until you’ve got had not less than 1 sale. Plus, you might want to have not less than 1 sale every month to stay there. Otherwise, you’re back into the black hole of the Internet. The solely person who’s going to know your product exists is you. So, what do you do?

Well, for starters, you better get going and start promoting your product on your own. There are many avenues of promotion on the Internet, many are both free or very cheap. This will at the least give you some publicity so that people know your product exists.

The next thing you can do is, as an alternative of promoting the product itself, make people aware that it exists and allow them to know that if they select to sell it they’ll be getting a hefty 75% commission from every sale. That could appear high at the start, however in offering a commission charge that high, you will attract more people who will wish to sell your product. Affiliate marketing could be very competitive. People aren’t going to want to put in the time and effort into promoting a product the place they get very little return. So on the start, set your commission degree at 75%. You can always lower it as the product positive aspects popularity.

So, simply where and how do you discover these individuals to promote your product? This is where things get just a little tricky and you have to use slightly brain power. As I said, this can be a competitive industry. The people are out there, many are already involved in doing something. Perhaps they have their very own Clickbank product. Maybe they’re selling merchandise from different marketplaces like Paydot.com. People aren’t just sitting around waiting so that you can contact them with your request for them to become an affiliate. You’re going to have to perform a little hunting.

The best technique to find individuals to sell your product is to go to a search engine and simply type in “Clickbank Affiliate.” You’re going to find loads of listings. Many of these listings are going to take you to sites where, anticipate it, individuals have arrange entire pages JUST promoting Clickbank products. If you are lucky, somewhere on that page you can find an electronic mail address. Simply write to the person, inform him that you’ve got this brand new Clickbank product that’s sure to take the world by storm. Tell him you want him to turn out to be an affiliate for the product. Even offer to ship him a duplicate for free. This is a good incentive and many people, as soon as they see the value of the product, will jump right in and begin selling it for you. If you occur to find any person who is a heavy hitter, one who makes a number of sales, this one person could very nicely make you very wealthy all by himself.

Of course, do not neglect all the standard methods of promotion, together with safelists, message boards, categorised ads, etc. It won’t occur overnight, but eventually you WILL find quite a few individuals who will flip your new product into a successful venture.
Okay, you’ve created your product, you’ve signed up with Clickbank and now you’re ready for all of the sales to just start rolling in. Well, not so fast. See, there is a slight little problem. Clickbank is a reasonably large place and your product is just one out of the various thousands that it sells.

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