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List of 25 Blogs That Worth Commenting and Subscribing

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This is a List of my preferred blogs to read and commenting even to subscribe to the feed by email. Why by email because in this way you will be able to know when there is fresh content to learn from and of course to increase your backlinks from a well respectable and professional sites.

I am sure this is not the ultimate list of all, I may missing someone, if that is the case leave me a comment and I may update this list with another blog that worth the time we invest to read it.

I have arrange this list in no particular order of importance, except the Pros first and then the almost Pros, I am sure they will become as successful as the big ones.

Here is the list, feel free to visit them and read their articles. Do not forget to leave a comment that worth to be read as well as their blogs, do not spam them just for the sake of getting some backlinks.

  1. John Chow dot Com Mogul By John Chow – PR3 / Alexa 27,281
  2. ProBlogger By Darren Rowse – PR7 / Alexa 33,073
  3. Shoe Money By Jeremy Shoemaker – PR 6 /Alexa 77,025
  4. Entrepreneurs Journey By Yaro StarakPR 5 /Alexa 146,714
  5. Joel Comm By Joel Comm – PR4 /Alexa 84,573
  6. John Cow By Jason Katzenback- PR3 / Alexa 221,32
  7. Gary Conn By Gary Conn – PR5/Alexa 94,523
  8. Daily Blog Tips By Daniel Scocco – PR 6 / Alexa 120,404
  9. The Net Fool By Jim Regan – PR4 / Alexa 56,809
  10. Zac Johnson By Zac Johnson – PR4 / Alexa 201,518
  11. Who Is Andrew Wee By Andrew Wee – PR4 /Alexa 81,195
  12. Pei Profit By Ben Pei – PR3 /Alexa 109,753
  13. Winning The Web By Gyutae Park- PR3/Alexa 94,460
  14. Tyler Cruz By Tyler Cruz – PR2 /Alexa-189,830
  15. The University Kid By Jason Pereira- PR3 / Alexa 58,660
  16. Shanker Bakshi By Shanker Bakshi – PR 0 / Alexa 166,196
  17. Franklin Bishop By Franklin Bishop – PR3 / Alexa 137,277
  18. The Keyword Academy By Court and Mark – PR1/Alexa 119,023
  19. Jim Kukral By Jim Kukral- PR5/Alexa 88,120
  20. Inspired Money Maker By Paul Piotrowski – PR0 /Alexa 110,522
  21. Linkers Blog By Donny Gamble – PR3/ Alexa 73,180
  22. Web Traffic Roi By ZK – PR3/ Alexa 165,544
  23. Frogstr By Ben Tremblay – PR3/Alexa 144,477
  24. Nspeaks By Navjot Singh- PR3/ Alexa 73,580
  25. Smarter Wealth By Ryan McLean – PR 3 /Alexa 122,332

I hope you enjoy this blogs as I enjoy reading them.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. If I may add, though, at least half of these are “nofollow” blogs, and a third of them, if you leave a message, will never write you back. So, they’re better to maybe read than expect any other benefit from.

    Mitchs last blog post..TweetDeck

  2. Unfortunately, all the really big name blogs are nofollow, and thus, unless you’re one of the first 10 bloggers, there’s really little point in responding on those blogs, since the writer’s aren’t going to return your message and no one else is going to read it either. Notice also that none of them use CommentLuv; then again, at this point they really don’t need to, it would seem.

    By the way, your security thing is really hard to read; any way to have a different color for the numbers than the background? And the Christmas tree is a nice little touch. lol

    Mitchs last blog post..New Age Of Freelance Writing – Guest Post

  3. @Sherry- Yes I saw the contests they have.

    @ZK- Thanks for your visit. Your blog info it is really worth to be read.

    @Shanker- Thanks for coming, you know I like to comment in your blog, good information from which we can learn.

    @Mitch- Some maybe Mitch, but some blogs like John´s, have a lot of traffic and letting your links there may be very useful to be notice and sometimes to drive traffic to your blog. Its specially better if you can be on the Top Commentator, but you need to do a lot of comments since people go there to get some exposure and they comment too much. Not easy to get 1 spot in the Top Commentator.

    @Learn internet – Thanks to visit Gail, You have a very informative site, congrats.

  4. @Mitch- What security did you mean? The captcha code? Let me see if I can do something about it. And yes you are right about the need to be in the first people to comment in the big blogs, but in some there is also a reply option, so you can read and reply one of the comments from above and still can get some exposure and maybe some traffic. I actually met for the first time some blogs just because they left comments all the time in those Big Blogs and visit them and sometimes even subscribe to their feed, so I guess this may happen to you or me If we comment often. Of course there is also the Forums like WarriorForum it is also a good way to meet peple and networking.

  5. @Mitch- Its the color of my theme, seems I cannot change the color of the captcha or the background comment box. Sorry, I will still look for a better way, I let you know if I found one.

  6. Hi Luis,

    I am kaiser the owner of online-earning.info that is in your blogroll. I would like to update my link. Can you change that link into

    Make Money Blog -> iamkaiser dot com

    This is my new make money blog. I am doing some promotion for this but your link will still remain in my online-earning.info. You can verify me in whois or you can check the IP of online-earning dot info and iamkaiser dot com


    Kaisers last blog post..Make Money from Myspace Bulletin traffic

  7. @Kaiser- Long time no seeing you. Good you are back. I saw the other site the other day and I were about to delete it because I thought your site were abandoned. I see you dont have Blogroll in your new site, will you have my link again? If you do, This is my Anchor text- Make Money Online linking to http:// www .marketing-business-review. com. Let me know when you are done, Thanks to come by.

  8. @Navjot- Sorry, I got that discount by email directly from Pawan, I am on his subscriber list, thats why I knew about that discount.

    @Ben- Not even mention it, you had help me a lot, you really deserve this mention.

  9. @Ian- What did yu mean? Did you want some link exchange? if it that its ok, just tell me if you really want it or it is just a comment part of the contest, lol.

    @Kaiser- Thanks, I already see my link in your site again.

  10. Thanks for this great list! I have at least half of these bookmarked already. Now I’m going to go through all the others. There should be some real gems in there.

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