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What Is He Like – The Seller Of The Future?

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The classic of modern management G.Mintsberg has entered concept of roles of the manager. Leaning against this idea it is possible to see that now “the average” sales-manager carries out in the basic two roles: a role of the SELLER and a role of the ADVISER (the expert on a product). The successful manager obviously owns still any roles as provides his efficiency. With the big degree of confidence it is possible to assume that possession of these roles will already define success of sales in the near future.

In our opinion, the successful sales-manager 2010 will own three more roles. Namely:

1. The LEADER. The manager-leader conducts the client behind himself: if it is necessary – softly if it is necessary – firmly, showing thus qualities of the good fighter. He operates effectively, despite of weariness or bad mood. He easy changes technics and tactics of the actions depending on a situation. And, certainly, he “is charged” on a victory but thus realises that «it is only game».

2. The PSYCHOLOGIST. The manager in a role of the psychologist is the psychoanalyst, the philosopher. He understands and feels the client frequently better than the client understands and feels himself. He recognises the right of the client to uniqueness. And to each client it finds the unique approach.

3. The SHOWMAN. Being in this role the manager does everything to deliver to the client a maximum of pleasure. If it is necessary he will arrange sale as ritual. If it is necessary he will allow to the client to feel the importance. If it is necessary he will help the client to “wake up” in order the client receives a pleasure maximum from purchase. Together with the goods he sells to the client of “a few happiness”.

And successfully to “play” all these five roles (the seller, the expert, the leader, the psychologist, the waiter), the sales-manager should possess the whole spectrum of qualities.

It has been as a result allocated seven basic factorial groups defining efficiency in the field of sales:

1. Knowledge of a sold product (properties, advantages, benefits).

2. Possession of technology of the effective sales adapted under personal features of the manager or the seller (temperament type, appearance and so on).
3. Possession of the skills, in many respects defining success of application of technology of sale – skills of effective activity, self-management, effective communications.
4. Development of psychological qualities, first of all such, as skill to communicate, speed and creative thinking, resoluteness, domination of an internal locus of the control.

5. Motivation and presence of positive installations. In particular, motivation to the activity, loyalty in relation to the company and a product, a benevolent spirit to clients, readiness for changes, aspiration for professional growth.

6. Appearance and image. Significant factors are as conformity of image of the manager to character of activity carried out and corporate culture and conformity of image to personal features and inwardness.

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  1. I purchased an item on ebay, the seller said that she only ships on MWF for personal reasons. One week after I paid for the item the shipped icon showed that the item had not been shipped. I sent an inquiry email asking when the item had been shipped, and never received any emails back.

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