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Win 125 dlls in Cash plus Prizes in Every Action Counts Christmas Contest

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This is the very first contest held in Marketing-Business-Review dot Com and this is to thank all of my readers and/or visitors.

The Contest will Last from Today until January 17, 2009.

I put the name of “Every Action Counts” to the contest due to its nature, basically almost every action you made in this site will give you credits.

You will need to perform some actions that are mandatory to enter the contest after those ones you will be able to do as many of the Non-mandatory actions that will give you more credits to help you win. After doing those actions you will need to comment because only the ones that get into the Top Commentator (It has being reset it and there is 10 places to be in) will be eligible to win.

In this contest I will not pick the winner by any draw, you will win by making the most credits.

What Will Be Your Prizes

1.- 100 dlls in Cash via Paypal plus another 25 dlls in Cash By Marketing Business Review

The 100 dlls you will get them by doing the most credits and being in the first 10 commentators, you could be in the last spot of the Top Commentator and still win the 100 dlls due to the actions performed, there is actually the possibility that anyone not winning the first place could opt to just comment a lot and get the first place at the Top Commentator and get those 25 dlls in Cash via Paypal.

We can actually have 2 winners, one for the credits alone and other for being the first place in the Top Commentator widget.

2.- Adverts 125×125 for 30 Days.

Marketing Business Review worth 20 dlls

Everyday Living worth 30 dlls

Free Money Maker worth 10 dlls

Amor Francis worth 20 dlls

3.- Featured Links for 30 Days

Marketing Business Review worth 5 dlls

Shanker Bakshi dot Com worth 10 dlls

Free Money Maker worth worth 5 dlls

4.- 1000 EC

Free Money Maker worth 6 dlls

5.- Ebooks

Pei Profits dot Com Make Money Online Instant Blog Traffic worth 47 dlls

What Did You Get If You Win.

First Place:

100 dlls plus the 25 dlls if you get in the first place in the Top Commentator widget.

Advert 125×125 You choose the site where you prefer to display your ad.

Featured Link for 1 Month You choose the site where you prefer to display your ad.

1000 EC If you dont have Entrecard, you can sign up for FREE.

Ebook “Instant Blog Trafficby Ben Pei

When the first place get all his prizes, it would leave 5 more prizes, 3 Adverts 125 and 2 Text Link Ads that will be awarded to 2,3,4,5,6 places.

You can also win the 25 dlls just for being in the contest and commenting to be Number one in the Top Commentator.

How To Enter

You just have to do the following actions that are mandatory to be eligible to enter and win:

  • Post about this contest in your blog, you have to include a link to this post as well as links to my Sponsors including the banner above. They are helping you and me so please lets give them something back, do not forget those links please. You will need to comment in this post including a link to the post in your site. Credits: 100
  • Also you need to subscribe by Email to the feed or to the Newsletter. You need to use the same email for both commenting in here and for the subscription. Credits: 100 (If you want to subscribe to both Feed and Newsletter it is after you, but it is not mandatory, only one it is need it to enter, but if you do, add yourself another extra 100 credits)

That´s it, you just have entered the contest with 200 credits or 300 if you had done the above mentioned.

How To Win

Just do the most actions possible and enough comments to be in the Top Commentator widget, If you want to take it all, then comment to be in the first place in the Top Commentator and win the full 125 dlls (In case there is someone commenting a lot and is the First Top Commentator but haven’t entered the contest then the first place will be to the next Commentator that had actually entered the contest).

Regular Actions

Get Social: Credits: 40 each

FollowMe in Twitter

Be My FaceBook Friend

Add Me as Friend In StumbleUpon

Add me to your BlogCatalog Friends

Join MyBlogLog Community

Download Alexa Tool Bar

Join to Money Makers. Credits: 80 each

Make Money Online with Kontera

Make Money Online with MidPhase Affiliates

Make Money Online with Deal dot Com

Premium Actions. Credits: 200 each

This actions may cost some money, I recommend you, not to do any of this actions just for the sake of winning, instead If you really NEED any of this software or services, then take the prize as a Bonus for something you already need.

Make Money Online with Instant Article Wizard Pro

Make Money Online with FirePow Blogging Tool

Make Money Online with OIO Publisher

Make Money Online with Ninja Affiliate PlugIn

Make Money Online with Aweber Autorresponder


Make Money Online with MidPhase Hosting

Make Money Online with HostGator Hosting

Commenting To Win

Now that you had done any of the actions above, the next step it is to leave a comment in this post about all the actions you had made and to make all your credits count you just have to comment enough to be in any of the 10 spot in the “Top Commentator” widget.

Comments. Credits: 10 each

Use the same name and email to comment in all the posts as well in every actions you do use the same email, so I can track you down easier.

If you want to be a Sponsor, just leave a comment in this post saying your intention, we will be accepting sponsors during the contest.

Thats it! I Wish you a Very Good Luck and early Merry Christmas, Hope you enjoy the contest.

Lets the Contest Begins

UPDATE: (January 12, 2009).

It seems the widget for subscribing to the feed by email in the right upper corner it is not working properly. You can Subscribe here in this link:


(It is mandatory to be subscribed to the feed by email or to the newsletter to Enter the contest)

Don´t forget to confirm to be subscribed.

UPDATE (January 17th, 2009).

Winners of the Contest.

1st PlaceSherry with 6750 credits and 498 comments.


125 dlls

1 Advert 125×125 You choose the site where you prefer to display your ad.

Featured Link for 1 Month You choose the site where you prefer to display your ad.

1000 EC

Ebook “Instant Blog Trafficby Ben Pei

2nd PlaceIan – with 5300 credits and 332 comments.


2 Adverts 125×125 for 1 month

3rd PlaceFat– 740 credits and 14 comments.


1 Advert 125×125 for 1 month

4th Place– Christina with 230 credits and 2 comments.


1 Text Link ad

5th Place– Suwari with 210 credits and 1 comment.


1 Text Link ad

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  1. See here 4domains com. I think most of hosting limit their bandwidth. Unlimited bandwidth is non sense. You pay for bandwidth too. You never pay, so you would not understand. That means you are STEALING Luis money. I save this page to my hard disk and checked this page. It is 3MB. So strange?? That is so huge. That means 100 page load, you might be loading 300MB. Assume that you load the page from the start. 300 comments might cost him 900MB

    ians last blog post..Ken Avoy’s SiteSell secret

  2. @sherry Luis already know that i owns toptravelidea.com. And there is no rules own new blog. LOL. I think you just want to get even because I said you are winning because of spam. Congrats you are winning because of spamming. It doesn’t matter if creating new blogs is indeed a problem because I did not win. How could I steal the money if I did not win and it is OK to create one. LOL. If someone reads the blog, and decided to take part and does not have a blog. He will then need a blog. He surely can create his new blog and participate in the contest. There is no problem about it. What’s the matter are you getting hard to sleep? Wants to get even with me? Congrats again for winning by spamming. Look at it. Luis haven’t reply to this post. He does not have time reading all your spam.

    ians last blog post..WordPress newsletter plugin updated

  3. This is the Last Update of credits by competitor:

    1st Place- Sherry with 6750 credits and 498 comments.

    2nd Place- Ian with 5300 credits and 332 comments.

    3rd Place- Fat- 740 credits and 14 comments.

    4th Place- Christina with 230 credits and 2 comments.

    5th Place- Suwari with 210 credits and 1 comment.

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