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The Form Of Compensation Of A Damage

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The form of compensation of a damage influences the insurance price. The insurance company can organise repair at own servicing deport of cars or on car-care centre with which the contract is concluded. In this case you drive the car hurt as a result of road accident to the specified address and take away already repaired car. Certainly, it is possible to choose and independently car-care centre, but for it in some companies it is necessary to pay in addition (the raising factor is applied). And, at last, insurance compensation can be paid in the monetary form on accounting of the insurer.

At insignificant damages of a paint and varnish covering, glasses of a body, devices of external illumination, mirrors, aerials, decorative elements of a body the insured vehicle or when the size of compensation for damage does not exceed, as a rule, approximately 3-5 % from the insurance sum, you can address for compensation in the company without the inquiry from traffic police.

At more serious damage official registration of papers in traffic police is necessary already and in this case payment is made, as a rule, within 10-25 days. If the insured car has been stolen it is possible to receive insurance compensation in 5-20 days, but not earlier than in two months from the date of criminal case excitation.

More often the main reason of discontent of clients of the insurance companies is their own levity. It consists in inattentive studying of rules of insurance or in a defiance them.

One of frequent errors is the untimely message in the insurance company about stealing or road accident. If in time without a good reason not to inform in the insurance company on stealing, the probability of refusal in payment of insurance compensation is great: the automobile owner has not carried out of the companies undertaken on timely informing on insurance events.
One of errors of insurers is nonacceptance in attention of deterioration of the insured object. Insurers happen more often are dissatisfied with the size of payment, considering that the sum for the hurt detail or a car element is insufficient for purchase of new spare parts. But the insurance companies start with a message that on the second-hand car to put new spare parts is economically inexpedient, when there is a huge offer of spare parts on numerous car markets.

In the insurance companies for convenience of clients payment of insurance payments by instalments is provided. Thus it is important to consider the following moment: in some companies the size of payments is defined proportionally to size of the paid insurance payments. And if the insurer at the contract conclusion has paid, for example, 50 % of the award, and there has soon come insured event compensate it only 50 % of size of a damage. All these nuances need to be spoken at the contract conclusion.

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