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Top Entrecard Dropers of the Month

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If you haven´t joined to the Contest yet then you can do it here and win $125 dlls in cash plus $153 dlls worth of prizes.

I want to thank my Top 10 Entrecard Dropers. I know this sites since I drop on them, and really encourage you to visit them, they have really good info about their different niches. Visit them and find out in what niche are they.

Dropper # of drops
Warcraft Blog 28
Online Social Networking 28
Earning As An Affiliate 27
Everyday Living 27
Travel Portugal 23
Earn Blogger 23
Cool Stuff 23
BloggerRap 22
All Of Here 20
Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and Tasers… Oh My! 19

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. I created the software by myselft. Yes, it will consume a lot of memory. So I usually only loads 15 website at a time. You can manually set how many website you want to load. I have a list of the websites to be loaded and it will randomly loads 15 websites. I haven\’t know if there is that kind of website in the market. How much does it cost? I can sell it too then. If you have ideas about any software, I can try make it and sell it.

    ians last blog post..Top eight ways to monetize your blog

  2. @Sherry- It is preferred that you dont have any other programs open, like word, outlook or any other program that consumes RAM. Unless as I said you have a lot of memory, like a workstation with a 12 GB of RAM or maybe not that much but with more than 1 GB of RAM, all this if you dont wnat to close other programs. My comp works ok when I close all programs except the Browser.

    @Ian- Well it is not a program for sell, its a page from an Entrecard user that automated the list and done something like the software you said you did. It is free to join or to use it for droping. I dont remember the page but they require that you put a 125 ad in your blog linking to them.

    But their list it is full of sites that are not even blogs nor had the Entrecard widget, and some even are not longer live. Thats why I want to create a list I can monitor the quality of the sites and want bloggers that really return the favor, some better quality from the lists I had seen.

  3. @luis they are many website and blogs with entrecard widget but it is not easy to find those that are serious dropper. Unless like you knowing the top entrecard dropper dropping card at your blogs always and often. I remembered reading in forum that someone asking other member to help drop card while away for holiday. Not sure if it that can worked. It was so long ago.

    Sherrys last blog post..Madonna wants to look young again

  4. @Sherry- One easy way to find out is to check their Entrecard account, Entrecard always put some line saying how good they are droping, if says “Just Here for the view” or something like it, then they are not serious about droping.

  5. @Ian- I don´t know, I just care if they at least “consistent dropers”.
    and about the book on Amazon I wish I could have some books selling on Amazon, but No it is not I.

    @Sherry- Maybe you have a small RAM. Some OS need a lot of memory like XP or Vista. I have XP and with 512 MB of RAM its impossible to do anything, I now have about 1 GB and still slow, I may need another comp.

  6. @Make Money Online- Hi Buddy, its good to see you here. Yes Entrecard were my main source of traffic when I begun to promote my site 5 months ago in August 2008. But its a lil time consuming thats why I am trying to make my own easy Top list. If you want to get into entrecard someday I may help you with any question you may get.

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