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The New Me Domain And Potential

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As some of you that keep you ear to the ground may be aware that a new country code top level domain for Montenegro has been authorised. Luckily for the country of Montenegro the domain is simply .me. Since it was launched in May 2006 there has been huge interest in purchasing domains and doMEn (the organisation in charge of domain registrations) have experienced the greatest domain rush in the history of the world wide web.

On 11 September 2007, delegation of root name servers was approved by IANA, which established .me. The .me domain became properly active on 24 September 2007 and a “Public Invitation for selection of the Agent for domain registration under the national Internet domain of Montenegro” was posted on 14 November. doMEn d.o.o. was selected as the new registry operator in Montenegro.

Most .me domain names that were purchased were bought as domain hacks in English, and some in Dutch languages. .me has seen its greatest interest among English speaking countries including the United States (71%), the United Kingdom (6%), Canada (4%), and Australia (2%)[15].

One of the most expensive domain sold during the Land Rush period was insure.me that went for an astonishing $68,005. Shortly, this was then followed by the purchase of date.me, which was sold on the premium auction for $70,000. Other notable sales included love.me for $32,500, and hug.me for $20,000.

In Dutch, only verb combinations were popular, as only they made grammatical sense (as in English). E.g., reserveer.me, which can be translated as book.me, and repareer.me, repair.me. Most of the Dutch domains were sold outside the auction during the Go Live phase.

WordPress uses a .me domain, wp.me, as an URL shortener. This, along with Facebook’s fb.me and Yahoo!’s me.me are the only two letter .me domains, for which an exception was granted by doMEn.

Many of the premium domains were reserved such as rate.me or date.me. On 16 July 2008, registration was made available for all .me domains at various registrars. However, some premium domains did slip the net so to speak. For example:

Charlie Bit Me – For those of you who do not know “Charlie Bit My Finger” is the most viewed video on youtube of all time. It is of two children playing, with one sticking his finger in the other’s mouth and him biting down, to which the first boy yells, ‘Ouch Charlie… Ouuch! That really hurt!’ As of writing the video is approaching 200m view, which is just insane and only surpassed by videos on Vevo from super stars such as Lady Gaga.

The question is what more domains are to follow as Montenegro enjoy the luck they found with the cctld they were assigned… we’ll have to wait and see!

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