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We Need to Migrate Our Feedburner Accounts by Feb 28th

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Since Google’s acquisition of Feedburner in June 2007, everything were been running normally on their original servers and software, but Google has different plans. All Feedburner accounts need to transfer their feeds to the Google system by February 28th, 2009 in order to maintain seamless feed traffic.

I just moved all of my feeds this evening to try out the system, and I can attest that it is quick and painless. I were somewhat spooked by the thought of having some sort of nightmare with my feeds disappearing from the face of the earth. But it seems until now, everything its fine.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log into your account at http://www.feedburner.com
  2. Before you can even sign-up, a window asking for transferring you or to continue to the old feedburner will pop. You need to click in the button below.
  3. It then confirms if you are already signed in as a Google account-holder (I was logged into my e-mail, so I was) and asks if you’d like to use that account, another account, or create a new Google account to manage your feeds.
  4. After that step, you just need to confirm which feeds will be transferred, and you’re done.

All in all, it took about 3 minutes to move them all. The new Feedburner login page is http://feedburner.google.com.

Check your feed numbers before transferring, so you will know if the transfer went ok. Google said, it is not a problem with our feeds, since they will be redirected to them.

Did you transferred your feeds yet? Had any problems? Please tell us any issue you had, you may help others with that same problem, in case you had aklready fixed of course.

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. @Germz- Yes it was, I just have a problem now, half of my subscribers are gone, but I guess it is the usual problems from Feedburner, they will go back some day, I hope.

    @Market Secrets Blogger- Hi Caleb, yes I am a real Die Hard Steeler Fan. Have you tried to sign in your Feedburner account? As what I remember it was also a link in the top of the page when you got inside your account that says something about moving your feeds. Its a yellow sort of bar with the words and a link.
    Mine at Google Feedburner says “Cool, you recently moved to a Google Account! Your feed stats might be low for a bit; they should return to former levels in about 72 hours.”
    In your feedburner account should say something but about to move your feed over Google.

  2. Oh a lot thanks for this info.. I also had lots of feeds to transfer. If not for this info, I would have probably thought that I was banned B-) Just kidding. But true, thanks for this post.

    This was my first time to visit this blog, but it seems I will be coming back again B-)

    richard butlers last blog post..Articles

  3. i didnt knew about this … thanx for the info ….

    so if we do not change the feedburner link … it wont work ..right ? what if someone have 100 blogs … they need to be changed on each ??? thats would be an headache

  4. @Lifted trucks- It really seems so, I just moved my feed over them and the very next day I just had half of my subscribers. Fortunately they are back. But it is very annoying to never know for sure if they will come back.

    @Military trucks-I bet, it will be a real mayor headache. But it seems G will no longer use the old account at Feedburner, so we better move it.

  5. Luis,

    I knew about this after reading at Balkhis’ blog but after reading your post, I have done this transfer today. Like you said it was a breeze. But do you know our work does not stop here. After Feb 28, your old feed does not work any more. So if you have the old link on all your 100’s of post like me, you got to change each and every one located at these posts. Also I think for those RSS directories that I put my RSS link, they will be deactivated after this date. I have to resubmit them(sigh). Thing is I don’t keep records of these RSS directories, so I guess I may have to do from scratch even finding which ones are good. What a pain.

    Peter Lee

  6. @passive income ideas-Peter, I have understood that all of our Feeds will be redirected, so it will not be a problem to change them all. But if what you say it is true, then I´ll be damn, what a Bad Customer Care G have. This should not happen, it is impossible to remember every single place in the net I left a link with my feed in it. I guess now I will use Ninja Affiliate for future problems like this one, too bad I didnt see it coming.

    @Weight Loss Products-Well, thats not unusual, even before they said about to migrate anything, my feed count were disappearing and coming every now and then. It seems G have not put too much effort to fix this problem, maybe they do not even care, who knows.

  7. “…I have understood that all of our Feeds will be redirected, so it will not be a problem to change them all…”

    Yeah I read that too…but it says they will redirect as long as the old feed stays active, or something like that. They are just saying that as a protection clause. You really don’t know when the old feed will be deactivated.

    Peter Lee

  8. Hi Luis. Thank you for the visit. I tried to login yesterday in my feedburner account and find out it really needs to be moved to Google account. I did not not continue the process since I don’t have enough time. But when I visit your blog again, I found out that you have done it already. Thanks again for sharing. Now I will move it later. And oh.. if you want to submit your link to my blog, it will be great, since my blog is blogging business too, and will also focus on internet marketing in the future.

  9. @passive income ideas- Hi Peter, you may be right, after all we are talking about G and they are not one of the best in customer care, lol.

    About Maxblogpress, Did you mean the plugin? If it is so,then I can tell you that if you do not know much about coding or if you do and do not have much time, then this plugin help you to virtually put any ad of almost any type in anywhere in your blog in a very easy way. I had some sales from Ninja Affiliate, so for me it is profitable.

    @Vic- Thanks, then I will submit my blog with you.

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