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CONTROL: The Forbidden Secret Of Opinion Implants Third Free Video from Frank Kern´s Mass Control Give Away

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Here’s the newest video CONTROL: The Forbidden Secret Of Opinion Implants

Please use this information with caution. Heed the WARNINGS at the end of the video, Frank Kern said.

He is giving you an extremely powerful technique that he said he had never shared … well I dont know about this, but I´ve already watched the video, its cool stuff, Frank maybe not very subtle but if you use his technique be careful and be subtle yourself.

Here’s the video. Watch it now before he get all paranoid and replace it with something “safe”.

This is from the email he is shooting to his list, including me of course, in case you didnt got the email then check the info below sent it and wrote it by Frank (Warning: he is a little nuts but he is a funny guy, I like him) .

If you really like his stuff and can afford it then this lil info maybe interesting for you or If you dont want to buy or cannot buy because of lack of money, dont worry, get now every single knowledge spill from Frank before Friday 15 day of his launch, everything will stop on that day, grab it now.


OK, Friday at noon PST is when “Operation Giveaway”
goes live.

As of right now, 112,245 (and counting) people have watched the first
two videos.

This one just came out so no one’s really seen it yet.

Looks like around 22,500 new people have signed up
to get in line on Friday.


Since you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, I’ll be opening
the doors to you a full 1/2 hour earlier at 11:30 AM Pacific

…So you don’t need to opt in on the video pages or anything
like that.

I got you covered.


Listen, I’m giving away NINE DVDs and over 140
pages of written material in a *blatant* attempt
to bribe people into test driving my Mass Control
Monthly program.

You should know that I actually LOSE MONEY on
the front end by doing this.

My hard cost in fulfilling the offer is just under $50.

…And I’m only collecting $17.97 up front for shipping and

The only possible way for me to profit is when people
“stick” and become paying subscribers.

And since I’ve never done a test like this before, I have no idea
what will happen.


I’ve got a batch printed and ready to ship …and when they’re gone,
they’re gone.

Naturally, I expect a good percentage of “takers” to stay with the program.

But as it sits now, I have no plans for re-opening this offer in the

The reason why is it’s easier for me to keep my current customers than it is
to chase new ones.

…So that’s where the focus will be. Keeping my monthly subscribers happy.

Talk soon,


P.S. Regardless of what you decide to do on Friday, watch this new video.
It’s very helpful and you can use it to make a bunch of money (which you can
later spend on my stuff! Win-win!)

Here’s the video

As you had read, if you subscribe to his list you will have a notice 30 minutes prior to the public opening.

I hope you enjoy Frank Kern´s Free Video “CONTROL: The Forbidden Secret Of Opinion Implants

Please Leave a Comment in here and let me know what did you think about it.

If you want to check his previous Free Video The Rubber Neck Effect click here

To your Success,

Luis Torres


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