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During the creation of your website or blog you may think that people will swarm to your presence making you millions within a few months. Well even though this has happened in the past these incidents are pure luck and you will have a better chance of being struck by lightning. Now if you work really hard and learn everything you can about how to earn money then after enough time of working you will start to see some pay off for all your labor. The first step before even thinking about making money is starting a website where you can monetize traffic. This website or blog should be about something you are truly interested in and willing to work on even if you feel it is not making enough money. If you have enough passion about your topic staying in there while times get rough will not be nearly as difficult. On the other hand if you only created the website to make money online and have no interest in the topic itself then when traffic dips you will lose interest.

Once you have your website up and running the next step is building backlinks. A link is the URL of a website and is created by using the HTML anchor tag. If you need more information about how to create a link I highly recommend visiting the free HTML tutorials over at w3schools.com. This is where I learned HTML and they will help you do the same. Once you learned what a link is and how to create one the next step will be building links towards your website or blog from different sources. Make sure these sources are external meaning off your domain. Links from one page of your domain towards another help a little bit, but are not nearly as valuable as links coming to your page from a website or blog off your domain.

To start building links there are many different places to start. Personally my favorite place to start building links is by going to directorycritic.com and submitting to all the free directories. There is about three thousand of them so expect to spend at the very least a few days submitting to these. One thing to remember about submitting to free directories is your link will not be published immediately it will take up to a year for these directories to publish your link. The majority will take about a month, but that is the reason I like submitting to the directories your links will be spread out which is a really good thing when it comes to ranking well in Google and other major search engines. A few other places you can build links is with article directories and social bookmarking websites.

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