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How Anyone Could Generate Profit Online With Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is not as easy as you have thought but there are many ways to make lots of money with affiliate too. One of the most crucial ways is to pick the right affiliate networks or programs to work with. They must be dependable, supportive with great vendors to promote.

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I have experimented with many affiliate programs and networks from small to big ones. However, I must say this again “No networks/programs fit all”. You can be good at this but bad at others. Many bloggers are very good at clickbank but never earn any lots of money from CJ or Amazon.

Here are the top 5 affiliate networks that I have made some decent income with for a while and all of them are good, reliable with a lot of big advertisers and vendors that you can promote and earn big profits.

1. Commission Junction:
CJ is still the #1 affiliate network that I earn the most. It is easy to join as member but it is a bit hard to get approved by big and popular advertisers here like Hostgator, Yahoo or GoDaddy. You need to contact them personally through it email feature rather than click on the button “Apply for program”.

Most of big advertisers here set decline status for any new applications. That is why you see your application declined immediately. My advice is to contact them and wait. If they deny, just ask for the reason and show your interest in promoting their merchindise. You will likely to get approved soon.

2. ShareASale:
More difficult to join Shareasale for international as you have to submit your tax form that takes time. Further, you can not join PPC programs if your first payment has not been made. That means you must make big profits from CPA or cost per leads first and then wait for your payment completed, your status limitation will be removed. You are now eligible to join PPC.

I love Shareasale because their support is great. There are a lot of vendors here that you can join and promote their services. Thesis theme and Headway themes also switched to use shareasale for their affiliate program too.

3. Amazon:
Most of you know Amazon and it is a great network to work with. If you have a shopping sites, Amazon could be the best option with a lot of features and items you can place on and generate extra income.

I have made a little income from Amazon as I do not have shopping site now. However, I see its potentials and I do really admire Darren Rowse as he has made a lot from Amazon too and he also shared 10 lessons learnt for his readers too. My plan is to set up a shopping site sooner to optimize Amazon revenue too.

4. ClickBank:
Clickbank is the #1 affiliate network for digital products and services that have paid more than $1.5 billions to its publishers. I have just maded very little from it but it will definitely increases sooner or later when I focus on it.

You can easily find the right merchindise or services to promote and your earning stats will be tracked in real time. I do not have to pay for vendors directly. All payment must go through clickbank and their support is awesome and on timely manner.

The most important thing is that clickbank vendors pay high commissions for publishers. You can make up to 90% of what you have sold. That is why many bloggers love it.

5. Avangate:
Avangate is new to me too. However, there are many good products there that you can promote and the commission rate is high too. I have joined avangate just because CouponPress is using it as affiliate program. However, I love it now as there are many other softwares and items that I can promote here.

One thing you should remember about Avangate is that you can get your payment through PayPal. This is what I love it too. Other affiliate networks above use check as the main payment method that takes a long time to settle.

That is my wish list for affiliate networks for your reference. I have been using these networks and made some huge profits with them. You can choose what to join and test them all to get the most appropriate one.

Good luck and happy to hear your comments too as always!

All in all to be successful in anything all you need is drive and follow through. Don’t let your concerns stop you from generating the money you deserve!

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