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Make Money Online By Starting Small

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This is the largest error that new webmasters make when building a brand new online presence. They think they can make money free by going after the most people rather than starting out by finding a little group to cater to. I learned this the hard way during the creation of my website how to make money online. From the beginning I went after one of the biggest words in the MMO niche which is “make money online”. This is not the way to start because I can actually build rank and trust with Google by going after smaller keywords then after a year or two of building I can attack the big word.

Another reason many people fail online is they think they can build projects that rival ebay or Google. Well if you think you have the next billion dollar idea then by no means don’t let me stand in your way, but if you are by yourself and without any help it may be better for you to start small and then work into a huge project that will over throw one of the 800 pound gorillas. This is not something done overnight or by someone who does not have extensive web development and internet marketing knowledge. Can it be done? You may ask well if you want read the background story on Google, Twitter, and Facebook. You will see a few guys with a big idea something which no one has thought of push through and make millions. I wish this was the ordinary, but for the millions who are like me struggling just to make another thousand be prepared to work your butt off.

Now to start you will need a little website or blog to call your own. If you have money I suggest buying server space from an hosting company, but for the majority that don’t it may be a better idea to use free hosting just to see if you can make it. I remember a couple years back starting a free website at 000webhost.com which today makes me hundreds monthly. One of the biggest problems with free hosting is once you really get your business up and going you can overload the limited bandwidth, but it is a chance that you must take if you want to find out if you can make money. If website building is not what you are into visit blogger.com or wordpress.com to build and host a free blog.

Now once you get your website up and going you need a way to make money from it. There are tons of different ways to make money online and really it just depends on what you are looking to do. If you really don’t want to sale anything then place Google Adsense ads on your website. Google will pay you for every person that clicks on the ad. To find Google adsense go to Google and search for “Google Adsense”. Another couple programs that I have found useful when trying to make money are both Clickbank and Amazon Associates both of which you can find if you search Google.

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