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Number One Reason People Fail At Making Money On The Internet.

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The top reason people fail to make money online is they start out WITH THE INTENTION to make money online. This is poisonous for a multitude of reasons. Initially newbies to the internet marketing scene have a lot of excitement brewing and don’t really know where to direct their efforts. They start out “All velocity and no vector”. Today it is next to impossible to find good information online about how to make money on the internet. There are way too many scams out there clogging up the search engines.

The make-money-online industry is a huge one and a lot of internet marketers prey off of newbies and their desire to make money online. This is the number one reason that newbies fail to make money online, they get caught in the snares of experienced marketers who sell them “Automated Cash Machines” or “Make Money While You Sleep” systems. Although these products are occasionally legitimate, making any money with them is a huge chore at best. When someone decides”I think I’ll try my hand at making money online.”, an unstable process ensues. Just try typing “making money online” into google or yahoo. You will find pages of information promoting other people’s products. Many beginners lose a terrible amount of money while trying to wade through the treacherous swamp of bad information and goofy information products. Beware the hype and any site that makes promises that seem too good to be true. Avoid flashy words like “guaranteed” or “fool proof”. Ask yourself ” If I am trying to make money, then why am I spending money?”. Dont get me wrong, spending money is not wrong at all but you need to be sure your money is going to the right places.Your money should be ultimately working for you instead of going into the pockets of some webmaster with a shiny new sales pitch.

Your money should be going into proper market research and advertising, not information products and silly systems that promise to provide secrets of luxery and riches. Here’s a quick tip for all you newbies out there trying to make money on the internet: Dont spend any money on anything but a website at first. An even better idea is to get a free website, there are plenty to choose from. If you really just want to start making money online quickly I would recommend getting involved with a good referral program or an affiliate network. My personal recommendation is a website called College Cash Cow. They offer a great quick start, high recurring payouts for referrals and are currently offering a pretty cool promo. Good luck out there and don’t buy the hype!

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