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What Is Web 2.0 Technology

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This popular term means an advanced Internet technology and applications such as wikis, blogs, and social bookmarking. Web 2.0 has greater collaboration among internet users as well as other users, enterprises and content providers. And this makes the difference between Web 2.0 and the World Wide Web.

Users can do more than just retrieve information with the help of Web 2.0, because they are provided with more software, user-interface, and storage facilities. The data can be provided and controlled on a Web 2.0 site.

The Web 2.0 browser technologies used by the clients are Ajax, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex framework, as well as JavaScript.

Web 2.0 technology increases overall performance of the site because the user does not have to wait until the data is sent back and can do something else on the page. With the help of this technology the requests sending can complete faster and free of blocking and the data is sent to the user quickly. It is possible because the data requests are separated from data coming back to the page that is the processes complete asynchronously and it all permits the users to continue to interact with the page.

Programmers can use both XML and JSON formats to transmit structured data in the web application when the data fetched by an Ajax. As a result the pages function like desktop applications.

Another technology used in Web 2.0 applications is Adobe Flex. Various heavy user interactions are easier with Flex. Flash allow do many things that are impossible in HTML. And one of the most widely used Flash capabilities is its ability to play video and audio files.

But many of the same Web 1.0 technologies are used by Web 2.0. With the help of Web 2.0 data can be easier formatted and shared.

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