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Why Are Some People Get Paid For Online Surveys And Others Are Not

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Some people make good cash with paid online surveys. Others do not. Why is this?

There are three reasons: the list of survey makers, diligence in signing up, as well as location.

1. To really get cash for surveys you must sign up with good survey makers who offer legitimate paid online surveys. There are over 700 survey makers in the U.S., over 3,000 worldwide. About 20percent of these are first rate. Another 40percent are 2nd tier. They usually pay but not so well. 40percent are no-pay/low-pay, to be avoided.

You need a good list of good survey makers. There is no such thing as a “free list”. Every list is either being paid for next to the user (the prospective survey taker) or the survey makers. Good survey makers do not pay for new recruits. Bad ones do. So that lower 40percent are highly represented on “free lists”.

Your best bet is to get a good paid survey site that accepts and guides members, as well as maintains good lists for its members. Pick one with a strong money-back guarantee and a low refund rate..

2. To make real cash you must sign up with a number of good survey makers. Im not talking about 25-50, I mean 150-200. You will not qualify for all or even very lots of of the surveys. Surveys are aimed at specific groups, differentiated through gender, age, location, education level, income level, interests, etc.

One survey maker might only have three or four that match your profile, that you will qualify for, in a year! Still, get a couple of $10 and $25 surveys and its $70 a year. Do that with 200 survey makers and its $14,000 a year. That is over $1,000 a month! The point is, sign up with fewer, make less money.

3. There are also other factors that affect the number of surveys you can expect to be invited to take.

Surveys are about cash and people. If you live in an affluent, densely populated area such as the megalopolis that extends from Washington, D.C./Richmond to Boston/Providence, or around large city such as Chicago or Denver or Dallas or Southern California, etc., you can expect to get lots of surveys and make significant cash with them.

If, on the other hand, you live in a sparsely populated rural area of the Dakotas, Wyoming, Alabama, etc., you should expect much fewer surveys because potential vendors will have less interest. Good marketplace, lots of cash being spent; lots of surveys. Poor marketplace, not much money few surveys.

For more specifics on paid survey sites and how to get paid cash for surveys, just follow the links below.

Good luck to you!

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