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How To Create A Niche Market For The Business

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Have you ever wondered how a lot of beauty salons, web design companies, attorneys or Mexican restaurants can exist in the same geographic area? Especially in small populated areas? Maybe the demand is high. Or, perhaps some of these businesses have set themselves apart by targeting a distinct segment market.

A niche is really a special area of interest in a product or service. Not all beauty salons, for example, are created equal in price, customer support, location and hours, scheduling, stylist expertise and so on. Exactly the same generally is true for those businesses; website design, marketing consultants, hardware stores, attorneys. The list goes on.

Developing a niche and marketing to both your general and niche markets is a great business and marketing strategy. You cannot expect to start a business with an incredible number of worldwide competitors (through the Internet), hundreds or thousands of regional competitors and a dozen or more local competitors, and instantly, or easily, obtain a fair market share without creating a specialized niche.

Watch includes a niche. The key is identifying what that niche is. An online retailer like Amazon.com has a different niche than competitors Barnes & Noble or Borders who rely more about developing a local presence and visitors. Not too long ago DHL announced an excellent commercial pitting itself from the leading overnight delivery service. DHL didn’t claim to be number 1 or more affordable. Instead they capitalized on a niche market, being # 2 along with a reliable back up service whenever you, the consumer, require it most. It was a brilliant campaign.

Identifying or creating a niche means digging deeper into what sets your business, product or service apart from the competition. The normal marketing question is “Why would I purchase of your stuff instead of Company X?” Your answer will probably just provide simple facts and match what many competitors could claim. This is when you dig deeper. Look at your location, hours of operation, many years of experience, price point, friendly staff, response time for you to customer inquiries or processing orders, the caliber of your products or delivery of the service, personalized attention, and so forth.

For example, marketing comfortable access to your business from the major road or highway is a niche that should bring customers making sales soar. If you are the only video store in your town play it up. In case your video store carries a large selection of hard to find movies in VHS format and stays open until midnight, those are two more niche markets. Being a new wholesale supplier inside a regional area is big news for your local city as well as the region, creating multiple niches for the business overnight. Claims of being the very first, alone or the original are unique niche selling points that who else can (legitimately) claim.

Do not watch for your industry or market to become saturated to recognize and market your niche. Start now. Work both your general market as well as your specialized niche to develop a good foundation for achievement so you can survive when competition does warm up. As your business grows or your industry changes same goes with your niche opportunities grow and change.

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