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New Theme Finally Fix It

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Finally my new theme and blog seems to be working fine. Comments are ok, commentluv plugin and reply to comment are doing fine. All this because of my Hard Work, oh! and of course Salwa from www.screationz.com and www.Blogriffic.com. Why I did the Hard Work, well I went to her site Blogriffic all by myself and clicked on her tab Hire Me and filled all the form and hitted the send button and waited.

The next day I got her email asking some questions about what exactly was the problems to fix. After I tell her all my problems, she just took the site and did the easier part of the work, To Fix All The Mess. Well at least it seems to me very easy, it took her some minutes to tell me what she will do, so I guess it must be easy work.

Besides doing such an easy work she can do easily some of this services too:


I can provide the following design services, priced by complexity.

  • Website Design – XHTML & CSS Template Creation
  • Custom WordPress Theming
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Identity/Branding
  • Content Creation (To View Samples of My Writing Please Visit my Blog Over at www.blogriffic.com)

What impressive girl, she said in her site she is only 21 (I cannot testify if this is true, you better ask her) and already with all this savvy. Actually she also can do GhostWriting. If you are looking to outsource then she is perfect for the job.

She made the upgrade from WP 2.5.3 to WP 2.7.1 in a breeze and I still have all my database intact with all the garbage in it, I did not lost anything, not even my time, I cannot say the same about her, she spend some time with me until the problem was solved at my entire satisfaction.

 I am glad I found her, I were about to delete all my site and start over again, since I had been hacked few weeks ago and could not find how to fix some little problems I got, like comment form not working properly, I could not upgrade my plugins anymore, some of my links in my posts were de-activated, but now it seems everything works fine.

Before her, I got a lot of help with a consultation for more than an hour with James King from www.AtmMultimedia.com , he basically told me what to do, but been unable to perform the easiest of the codings and almost losing my site after trying to upgrade, I look for some pro to do the job, thank God I found  Salwa.

And even before they my also blogger friend Ian from www.ourhappymoney.com helped me doing all the initial theme tweaking before the Hack.

In case you wonder, none of the links from these bloggers are affiliate links (too bad for me) and this is not a paid post by anyone.

Feel free to check all my new theme and tell me what did you think and also if you found a link not working or anything else, please let me know.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres



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  1. Wow Salwa did a great work! I noticed your blog from John chow’s review of your site. The only things I could reproach to your blog are that some of the images are replaced with a “?” in a blue square and some of the banner Ads look sloppily displayed. Maybe it’s been done intentionally. Great blog theme anyway, you have a lot of ad space to display and make some more extra cash! It would be great if you ever post your blog income in the future 😉

    Benjamin Cips last blog post..Make Your Own Ecommerce With This FREE WordPress Plugin!

  2. Hi Deneil,

    Thanks, Yes I am glad she fix my site, it was too many garbage all over the place and after the hack it was working even worst. My friend Ian did the theme tweaking but before the hack after the hack I started to have a lot of problems, now seems everything is fine.

  3. Hi Benjamin,

    What did you mean John Chow review? I have never paid him to do one, if there was one it gotta be free for me, I gotta to see that one if John did one of my site seems too unbelievable, I guess you get confuse it by some one else 🙂

    • I was using a free theme, but as you said sometimes the quality it is not the optimum. Besides that, we always need to stand out from the crowd if we really want to succeed and having a customized theme it is the only way.

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