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SEO For MSN And Google

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This article focuses on some of the differences between search engine optimisation for the Google and MSN. However I have included some results from Yahoo as a comparison.

As the majority of my purchasers have Australian businesses, my testing results are based mostly on google.com.au, yahoo.com.au and msn.com.au, with “results only from Australia” selected.

I recently took on a shopper whose website was designed entirely in Macromedia Flash. Search Engines have little or no ability to scan Flash* thus this web site may not be found anywhere in Google. But, on the premise of the keyword, “Make Up”-while not the “”-their web site was ranked at no.three out of 188,984,290 results. The sole place on the web site where any keywords might be browse by the search engines was the Meta tags.

This instance shows a very clear distinction between how a probe engines like Google and MSN rank sites inside their listings. I decided to run some very specific tests to search out the differences between the Big3 search engines, and how easy or tough it is to rank well at intervals them.

Note: While there are various different components that build up a successful search engine optimisation campaign, totally different SEO mixtures are needed for various sites, as well as totally different search engines. You can’t invariably depend upon exactly the same SEO mix.

Whereas this instance may be nice for a web site designed entirely within Flash, it will, but, leave space for search results among MSN to come results that are significantly less correct then Google i.e. the tags may be crammed with keywords that do not accurately mirror the web site theme.

While Google places some importance on the header and description tags of a web site, it places a lot of importance on the content of a website. i.e. if your content does not support the keywords you’ve got placed in your Meta tags, it is unlikely you will see results from your Meta Tags unless your web site has no real competition.

There are other vital aspects similarly, like link popularity, but these other elements don’t seem to be the main target of this article.

Example one – Flash designed Website My client’s website had absolutely no optimisation work done different than place info within the title, description and keyword tags, and only on the home page.

The header and title tag mentions “create up” once and “create-up” is mentioned three times. In MSN search, “make up” ranks three out of 188,984,290 results, “build-up” ranks three out of twenty six,586,615 results.

When searching the first a hundred ends up in Google, this web site was nowhere set underneath either key phrase. My any tests proved that ranking well in MSN with this methodology isn’t simply specific to this example.

Example a pair of – Comparisons between Google, MSN and Yahoo For any testing I used a totally different and a lot of competitive industry-finance. In this case I used a website that was already well optimised. I targeted on a commonly misspelled keyphrase- “buisness loans” and started by adding this phrase once into the header tag.

When I started this check, the subsequent total search results for every keyphrase were: – Google – 534 – MSN – 295 – Yahoo – 395

sixth Might 2006 – Added these keywords. On this date my shopper’s website failed to seem below the key phrase, “buisness loans”, nor did it appear in the first 100 ends up in either MSN or Google. The key phrase on top of may be a commonly misspelt phrase for Business Loans. The proper phrase currently ranks at position three in MSN Search.

thirteenth May 2006 – This keyphrase appeared at position 1 in MSN, however no ends up in Google’s top 100.

nineteenth Might 2006 – A any half dozen days later no results for this keyphrase had appeared in Google, therefore taking the test one step more, I added this keyphrase to the outline tag.

26th Might 2006 – With still no results showing in Google, I placed this keyphrase into the anchor text of 1 of the links towards the lower part of the page content.

twenty sixth May 2006 – This keyphrase appeared in Yahoo search results at No.1.

twenty sixth Could 2006 – This keyphrase also seems in Google’s search results at Position 6.

Throughout this period of testing, all search engines crawled the site a day, so all changes I made would are noticed by them during the crawl.

While my testing confirmed some fascinating results, what it most importantly highlights is the need to test completely different strategies with totally different keywords among the main search engines of your focus to realize a successful search engine optimisation campaign.

* More recent versions of Flash have settings that allow you to vary the format of the text among Flash to render it HTML and permit the search engines to browse it, but it still does not allow you to work with the text in an SEO friendly way.

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