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DoFollow Blogs List of Lists

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If you have been around in this blog for some time you may already know that I have become a full time blogger and internet marketer by force, I am part of the layoff statistics. This post had taken me some time to publish it even that now I have a lot of free time but I did not realize how many legal stuffs I need to look out for after a layoff. My taxes for instance, need to been payed even that I am not working right now since I worked the whole 2008 so actually those are my old taxes not the ones from this year, these ones must be payed the next year.

My medical insurance were canceled by the company since they were paying, not me. My wife wants a business but in the unknown, strange and sometimes disgusting offline world. So we are looking out for some and my son´s birthday party at the Kindergarten will be on this next Friday 24th, so we are figuring out all the mess like the cake, mini burgers, something to drink, etc.

I guess you get my point, I am busier than when I were on my full time job. But all that will stop soon so I come up with an idea of what to post about after such long time. I think Hey! why not a list of DoFollow blogs, this must be unique, I am almost sure nobody got the idea first than I. Well, I was dead wrong, everybody have their own but me (where have I been), so I decided to give you my own personal list of blogs on where I comment, well actually only some, this will be the first time I write it down so this also will be my own list to comment on everyday.

But I found some huge lists from 2 blogger friends, so I decided, instead of copying the list and paste it in here or just send you to other site, I will Iframe you the lists in here. Actually I will do this for other 3 guys with a link love to your site so I will grow this list of lists.

Why not more than 5 Iframes?

Because it would take zillions of years to load my site and you and all other new visitors will end up hating me or leaving my site forever. But I will continue to grow the list of lists giving you a link love and pasting your list here.

If you want to be here you need to have at least PR1 and the Top Commentator plugin. If you already comply with this then just leave a comment and include the link to your list of DoFollow Blogs. I will try to delete the blogs that are already on other lists showing in here.

This is a list of blogs that worth to comment to get backlinks:

This is my personal list at least the blogs I can recall right now, I will add more when my mind finally gets back from limbo. With some help maybe some day. Here it is:

DoFollow Blogs List of Lists


Make Money Online Blog Marketing Business Review By Luis Torres

 This list it is not complete and some may not comply with the PR but this one is made also from friends and since I am the owner of this site I will break my rule to give some link love to some friends. But the next 2 huge lists you gotta give a pretty close look, you can be on their list if you ask them and comply with their rules.


Blog       PR
http://www.shoemoney.com   6
http://www.thenetfool.com/   4
http://imwithjoe.com/     3
http://entrecard.com/blog/   3
http://www.johnchow.com/   3
http://www.peiprofit.com/   3
http://www.peterleehc.com/blog/   3
http://www.affiliateconfession.com/ 3
http://www.directsaleswebmarketing.com/ 3


http://theweblogzone.com   1
http://marketsecrets.biz   1
http://businessaccent.com/   2
http://shankerbakshi.com/   0

 http://www.niharsworld.com/                                  3

http://jakecpunut.com/                                               2

http://clickkt.com/                                                        0

http://thebloggersource.com/                                   2

http://www.blogriffic.com/                                          0

http://www.imjustsharing.com                                0

http://www.myblog2day.com                                 3


Thou Shall Blog By Yan Susanto


 Work From Home Business Blog By Peter Lee

Next Your List Here!


What are you waiting for, go and comment on my blog and all the others and you will see your PR and traffic boost, guaranteed.

To Yous Success,

Luis Torres



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    • Hi Peter,

      Your list is quite good so I decided to Iframe it. I did not want it to come up with Another list like everyone else, since I come up too late I thought I need to come up with something different. I am glad you like it.

      Of course we can and should work together to reach ur own personal goals. Leverage is the key to success.

    • Thanks Jake, Your site complies and as I said I could not remember all the site where I comment. I will update the post with your link.

      Jake I read your post, Sorry for the lost of the beautiful baby girl Reagan. You got my prayers for the baby and all your family.
      This is Sad, and their poor little brother is about the age of my son, he will turn out 4 year old this next weekend. Man you really make my heart hurt too. My blessings and prayers.

    • HI Welcome to my blog.

      Can you tell me how long it takes to load my site in yur comp? I haven´t think too much in dial-up for such a long time ago, but you remind me that this connections still existing.

      If it takes too long, I may try to look for a way to make it faster.

  1. Hi Luis,

    Thanks greatly for including me in your list. I’m so glad and so honored. Specially that I guess you have included me in the list for friendship. I would like you to know that my blog now have turned into PR2 just few weeks ago. So you can edit my PR from 0 into 2. And also so you can not break a rule now because of me. :). Thanks again, have the greatest results always.


    • Hi Vic,

      Yep, I just inlcuded you because I consider you a blogger friend. Thanks to make notice that, now I am not breaking my own rules with you, lol. BTW, how did you did it? to get your PR. Any secret did you want to share with us? LOL.

    • Hi Vic,

      Basically pure hard work, man I expected something mysterious or from the dark side or something like that, lol. It´s good to know that the good old HARD Work continues to give great results, lol.

  2. great list of dofollow blogs. I will check these out but I think I see several of my friends website’s actually I do I see at least 6 of them wow.

  3. Luis,

    I am sorry to hear about your job, but I am glad to hear that you have been kept more than occupied outside of paid employment.

    Also, I hope your son had a wonderful birthday.

    Although this is the first time for me to comment on your blog, I will venture to say that, based on the evidence of this blog, you have been diligent in setting up an income stream outside of your regular employment.

    For those who work in full time employment, the chances are that a large portion of their income will be derived from a singular source, and this places employees in a precarious situation with regards to personal financial security, particularly in the current challenging environment.

    If at all possible, my view is that the practice of employees seeking to set up an alternative source of income outside of their regular employment represents a prudent approach toward ensuring their personal financial security in difficult times.

    As a last point, I hope that you are able to secure appropriate new employment in the near future if indeed this is your objective.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your kind comment.
      My son loved his birthday party so much, he do not even want to leave when we went for him at the kindergarten.
      I agree with you regarding to the employees seeking up to alternate sources of income. That´s why I were setting up some online businesses, so right now I do not feel so bad after my layoff, I know what to do now.

  4. Seeing this list I begin to understand why the affiliate program is so important. Have to thank you for the thought you put into this. Really important to know the guys behind the scenes working at making the internet business place work better.

  5. Great list, thanks a lot.

    I see great value in lists like these, especially if you get involved in the conversations, rather than just commenting for commenting’ sake.

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Hi, Welcome to my blog. Keep coming.

    I know thats a little difficult to track them all and see which ones changed to NoFollow.

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