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Feed Twitter – The Current Mlm Marketing Pro Feeds Twitter On Autopilot

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The only manner to turn into a real MLM Marketing Pro you must of course use Attraction Marketing and actually not try to sell your opportunity. To learn extra about this please go to my blog.

Because I had many questions on my final article about Twitter advertising and marketing and what is the best way to use the software programs I use, I thought it was good to write an additional article about this topic.

Today I will talk about why it is wise to use Twitter but to apply it to autopilot and find out how to do it probably the most efficient way with out losing followers.

There are several ways to “feed to Twitter” and my favourite approach is to partly do this on autopilot. I say partly since I think it is very important have a personal touch and every now and again feed Twitter with something personal.

How not “feed to Twitter” on autopilot

As you might need learned by now almost everyone “feeds Twitter” with an computerized reply saying “Thank you in your follow, please find my amazing e-book here” because they want to get you on their list.

Do NOT do this!

First of all that is totally NOT personal and other people will instantly loose interest. There is one but, while you offer a really high value product you is likely to be successful but people must actually feel it’s to give them worth and not to get you on their list. I want not to do that at all.

Another thing it’s best to NOT do is to feed a Tweet about your corporation opportunity on autopilot. Because you need to place yourself as a frontrunner and use attraction advertising and marketing you do NOT wish to promote your opportunity identical to that. When you’ve gotten a good product you can promote the product however never promote the opportunity just like that because it can only make you look needy and desperate.

How to successfully feed to Twitter on autopilot

What I do advise you to do is to have a software program program like The Tweet Tank or Tweetbot as they’re now known as (see my earlier article/blogpost), with which you can automatically send Tweets and for example “RSS feed to Twitter”. By placing RSS feeds which can be actually really valuable you’ll be able to share good information on autopilot without promoting your own product. The Tweet Tank is the primary program I know that allows you to do that on autopilot in the same software as you possibly can place your listing of auto Tweets.

List of auto-tweets

It is vital that you create an inventory of valuable subjects to feed to Twitter and mix that checklist up with some provides for the merchandise or systems you need to promote. For example, create an inventory of useful Tweets centered on Online Marketing that only gives value maybe added with some jokes (make certain the jokes can’t hurt/offend anyone of course) because folks like it while you make them laugh. Then every 5 to 10 Tweets feed Twitter with a tweet about your advertising system or perhaps a free ebook that will help them resolve their problem. Make positive you deal with solving their problem, this is how you will get followers, by solving problems by including unconditional worth to their lives and businesses.

I hope I added some more value to your life and business again! For more information about the software program programs I use please take a look at my blog at workwithremco.com.

As always, thank you for supporting my site!

Remco de Vries

“Attraction Marketing Coach”

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