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Working From Home Business That Pays You In Your First 24 Hours

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 I just enrolled in this Working From Home Business that pays you the very first day at midnight PST without the need to make any single sale. I know it is real since I got my first commission already and without doing any kind of promotion. I am just starting to promote, I want it to be sure it is not a scam before I begin to fully promote it. I don´t like to be taken as a person that cannot be trust. But right now that I see they really give me my first commission then I am relaxed to tell you all the details of this business called "Lawn Chair Millionaire".

 This Working From Home Business can be divided into 3 Sections of ways to get money:

  1. Income from the Moneyline Pool that you earned by simply joining the Lawn Chair Millionaire Group!, this is the money share I got right now, the quantity depends on how soon during the day you join so a lot of people will be force to be below you. This income is allocated to your commissions in the Administration Money Manager in three segments during the first 60 days of your active membership.
  2. A Working From Home Business Opportunity wherein you can earn residual monthly income for referring others to the Group via your personal Lawn Chair Millionaire web site.
  3. A selection of different ways that you can turn your Moneyline Pool commissions into small fortunes and it is named "The Vault". You can actually add any other Business Opportunity that you have and all the people you refer and join will see your own business opportunity, so you can profit from 2 or more programs at the same time.

 You can focus in only in the Working From Home Business or only in signups for the programs in The Vault or to maximize your earning you can do Both.

For the Working From Home Business you will have a personal website to send people. When they do sign up they will get the whole information so they can decide if they will join or not.

This is NOT an MLM or Network Marketing Business since you can have your own testimonial of making money with the program unlike the other type of businesses that if you are starting and someone ask you if you are making money you will have to lie or tell the truth that IF they sign up THEN you will make your very First Commission, which ever you chose may not be very good for your business credibilty.

Let me show you a little better how you can Make Money Online with this business. Look at how the MoneyPool Works.


The MoneyLine pool accumulates on a 24-hour basis. It starts every day at 12:00:01 AM (PST) and is made up of a percentage of all company wide sales. At 11:59:59 PM (PST) the entire MoneyLine Pool stops accumulating and the total amount is split up amongst every single new member that joined Lawn Chair Millionaire that day. The amount each member is allocated is based on his or her position in the Moneyline. The higher someone is in the Moneyline, the more they are allocated. Once each new member has been allocated their portion of the pool, it is then split into 3 separate shares. These 3 shares make up their Month 1, Month 2 and Month 3 shares. The Month 1 share is immediately sent to the member’s available commissions, which the member can choose to withdraw on the next commission payout day.

A member can see their Month 2 and Month 3 share value by looking at the Commissions section found on the left hand side of every page of the members only site. It is important to note that the remaining Month 2 and Month 3 shares represent their current value, and that they will continue to increase up until the time they are allocated to the member’s available commissions.

 How You Will Make Money With This Business:

As I said your first commission will be from the MoneyPool that you will grab at midnight the very first day you join the business.

Every time you refer someone you grab a $20.00 Fast Start Bonus that gets allocated immediately when the sale is made.

You earn a $15.00 Referral Bonus each and every month that your personally-referred members stay active by maintaining their subscription.

Additional daily, weekly and monthly Leader Bonuses are announced by Lawn Chair Millionaire periodically. These bonuses are to compensate those who help their personal members duplicate their efforts.

Additional one time and residual income commissions can also be earned when your personal Lawn Chair Millionaire members purchase some of The Vaults wealth building secrets which are for sale.

 Why Joining Today?

Because you will earn immediately the very first day you join, the sooner during the day the better. Remember  the Moneyline Pool has YOU eaning money even months after, whether you refer anyone or Not. No Sales = No Problem. You still going to earn money.

The entire Group work together in 1 single Moneyline, that´s why EVERYONE who joins after you is placed below you in your business.

5 Ways of making a lot more money from this business.

And of course if you already have a business opportunity, then you can upload the information and everyone that YOU refer will be able to see it inside the Vault and of course join if they like. Build 2 or more business at a time.

How Much It Is My Investment?

Your Investment is a one time fee of $49.99 plus a monthly subscription of $29.99. You may cancel at anytime no questions asks before those 30 days.  So actually you don´t have anything to lose since if you do not like it, just cancel before 30 days and get your FULL Refund, this only applies for the monthly subscription, the one time fee it is not refundable, but since you will get your first commission at midnight of the day you joined the program, actually you will may be in profit even if you cancel, you just need to join early in the day so more people will join that day and will be force to be under you and then increasing your share of the MoneyPool.

Final Remarks.

They pay with AlertPay only for right now. Eventually they say will look for alternatives. AlertPay it is free to sign up and is similar to paypal. Before you join I truly encourage you to check if your country can have the service, if not, I do not recommend you to sign up into this business unless you want to take the risk and withdraw when there is another way to get your commission that will allow your country to withdraw.

The sooner (earlier) during the day the bigger share you will grab from the MoneyPool.

If you have any question do not hesitate to ask me. I will hlp you in anything that you need to setup your new account with the Lawn Chair Millionaire Business.

If you want to succeed online and Make Money Online then you can join me in this new venture and even you may help an UnEmployee trying to make money online before he runs out of the compensation money, ooops seems that it is me   🙂

Did you want to put a smile on my face? Just Join Me

Join Lawn Chair Millionaire and Grab Your Money Now!


To Your Success,

Luis Torres



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  1. Hi Luis,

    It’s a little similar to My SFI Marketing. The first check you received is attractive but in order to earn a passive income you will need many people to join it to be able to make more than the $29.90 monthly subscription. Anyway, wish you success on this new business. BTW how much pool money will you get at least for the first month, without anyone joining yet.

    Peter Lee

    • @passive income ideas- Hi Peter, actually you will need only 2 people sponsored directly by you and then you will make 15 for each one monthly, so you get even with only 2. The pool depends when you join, the best time to join its early in the day, so you will lock up your place and all the people getting in without you needing to do anything at all, will be under you and will increase your share.

      I joined somewhat late in the day. I joined 10:45 pm or something like that pretty close to the payout and I still were able to earn $45 total share for the 3 months, because of my late enrollment I grab US$12 for the first month, and the subsecuent months can be higher since more people will join and be placed under you, of course if you sponsor directly the better you can grab a lot more money. So actually the 2 other months even that they alrady have some money can be increased everyday.

      The amount depends on you and the total effort of the team. One thing to consider is that I enrolled under Mike Glaspie that is a Huge Marketer I know this guy for some time and he have enrolled already 3352 guys. Of course he have a huge list and several MLM´s businesses.

      I joined in April 9th at about 10:45 pm so actually it has been only 3 days and I have already 21 people under me without soing nothing yet, except for this post and now I am doing all the promotion possible in forums, comments my list and some PPC whatever I can to get some traffic, I really think this is a good opportunity to succeed online.

      You have other businesses so you may create a Vault Tab so you may have people signing in 2 or more of your businesses.

    • @Make Money Online, Hi Ben, yes I know, lots of free time, lol. Well not so free cuz I need to work hard on traffic and community building. I let you know how good this biz goes. As I see it there is alot of people joining everyday, since I have more than 30 people without sponsoring anyone yet.

    • @HDTV Plasma Televisions, Hi Welcome to my blog. No tehy haven´t that option yet. But you can signup for free, its about the same thing as paypal. Just check availability payout in your country, use the links I gave in the post about to signup and check if your country is listed.

  2. So this is a pyramid scheme, right?

    “This is NOT an MLM or Network Marketing Business since you can have your own testimonial of making money”

    This is absolute rot. Where’s the product you’re selling, other than the membership itself?

    • @Manitoba Laser Eye Surgery, Hi Thanks to visit my site. No, this is not a pyramid scheme. There are several products to learn how to make money like the following:

      Soccer Maestro- Its an online sport betting system you can use to make money by betting.
      60 Minute Trader- Program that teaches you how to profit from trades without needing to be a Financial expert.
      Smart Cash System- The Smart Cash System is a trading system designed to capitalize on a trend that is frequently found in a popular sport. The Systems teaches you how to bank tremendous profits from this trend.
      And other courses and training plus your own business opportunity if you already have one.

      What you called a pyramid scheme that is not, is only a way to make money fast and you are not actually sponsoring all the people that will be under you, everybody´s effort will benefit you.

    • No problem, I know, I am also aware of all the scams on the net. I actually give it a try because I know Michael Glaspie that is a re-known Network Marketer, actually if it were not from him I will not even dare to join. My first thought was the same as you.

  3. i have heard a lot about this business as of late. Many people from forums said to not try this system because it is way to expensive to run this business. While others are encouraging others that its a great opportunity to partake in so right now i’m somewhere in the middle it seems like its a great opportunity to join.

    almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

    • Hi Almir, Welcome to my blog. What I like from this bussiness is that you can earn immediately, if you join early in the day, then you can lock your share and may even get even or in profit.

      My advice is, if you decide to join do it early could be after 24:00 hrs Pacific time, in my case that I am at Central Time it would be at 2 am, after that the share counter resets and then is when you have to join and will have more opportunity to grab more in your first day.

  4. but you know what i don’t really get is how much do you have to pay to join?

    what if no one signs up under you after a month?

    what if you sign up one person? and how much do you make?

    how many sales before you get even?

    what if the one person that signed up under you manages to make one sale than what happens?

    what happens if you make one sale and your partner manages one sale for one month but not months later than how much money do you make and whats the monthly maintance fee to run this business?

    almirs last blog post..Vital Tips That Can Aid Any Blogger

    • Hi Almir,

      The people that signs under you does not depends only from your effort, everyone above you including me will sign people and they will be placed under all of the bottom guys as in a straight line, they will be forced to be below you. Right now I have more than 30 people under me that I didnt sponsored.

      If you sign one person you will get US 20 plus US$15 every month as long as they stay there, so with 2 guys your membership it is free every month and any other guy you sponsor will be pure Profit.

      There is also special bonuses for people that really make the effort and do sign up people and help his personal sponsored people to succeed. SO if people makes sales, the one you sponsored, then you will get bonuses depending on the success they have.

      If you make 1 sale only, then you will have 20 one time plus US$15 per month.

      The monthly fee as I said in the post is US$30 and can be free for life with 2 sponsored people.

    • Hi Peter,

      Right now there are 354 people under me that I haven´t sponsored, its the effort from the other people. I am just setting up an adword campaign and lets see how many people I can sponsor myself.

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