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June 2009 Income Report

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June 2009 Income Report finally is out. I recently had a reminding from Benjamin Cip  to post my income for the first time. I did not post it before because I did not track it and even now I am still not sure what other program it is paying me, but I think most of what I am disclosing here it is basically everything for the last month. 

The following it is a list of what I earned with this blog. Even that the last month I have not been very active online because I am working on an offline new business after my layoff. Hopefully it will work and will give me a decent income to live and pay my bills.

Blog Income:

Total Income: $184.53 June 2009

I cannot compare this income to my May income since I did not track it and I still trying to remember into what else I got involved that may gave me some income, but for now I think it is all. I still need to improve some things in this site like finally finishing the advertise page and the make money online page too.

This month there were no private ads, it may be because I were not very active online, since I am too much time in my offline business. The offline world it is very time consuming, that´s why I prefer the online world.

I will focus now on niche sites, but the kind of "set it and forget it" type of sites, since I need a lot of time to set up my offline business, but still need income to pay my bills.

Btw, I have a new poll on the right side widget bar, just scroll down a little. Would you please answer the question  "How Many Times Did You Update Your Blog?", Thank You.

What´s your income? Are you happy enough with your current income?

To Your Success,

Luis Torres


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  1. hi Luis, it’s great to know other people revenue. So we can compare our earning and kinda motivation for us. My last month revenue was over $500. 75% from it came from adsense arbitrage. I got more than $100 sales from clickbank and CJ. I’m not happy with the earning. I want $1000 per month and the end of this year. I must try doing more blog reviews.

    # Lawn Chair Millionaire: $26.50 -> Do you have a review for it? Review is an excelent way to sell stuff.
    # LinkWorth : $44.23. What is that?
    # InLinks:$4.70 Same, what is that?
    # ReviewMe: $15.00 I haven’t been approved. 🙁
    # ClickBank:$71.26 (Ninja Affiliate Plugin) . Wow
    # PayDotCom: $3.00 (Instant Article Wizard Pro). What is that?

    You should write an article reviewing all those products and the strategy for them.

    Best wishes for you.

    buy penny stocks last blog post..Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

    • Hi Ian,

      I do have a review about Lawn Chair Millionaire, LinkWorth allows people to buy links in other sites and you can be a partner of LinkWorth and they will share the income from the people that buys links on your site, they pay you every month until the customers decides to quit. Inkinks its about the same as LinkWorth, you can join for free in both of them. Instant Article Wizard Pro its a software that allows you to write unique articles, you only will need to edit and make it your own voice. They have ab Affiliate program and I joined, you earn monthly income for every guy who buy the software.

    • Its a little Home Meals Restaurant. We have about 150-250 dlls per day of sales, but we have some problems with employees like the waitress and the cook, today was the first day without waitress and my wife were the waitress today and I were there helping her. I were the cashier, and cook helper too, it was a nightmare, lol. We need to find a waitress fast and a better cook, this is taking a lot of time. I am at the Restaurant from 7:30 am up to 5:30 pm and after that we need to go for some supplies and sometimes I am back at my home at 9:00 pm or so, but that is improving and I am getting most of the supplies delivered at the restaurant.

  2. Hi Luis,

    I always visit at your blog. And I’m glad your online now.
    That was a great income despite of your greater schedule offline.
    I don’t know about your other income sources.
    I only have adsense in my blog. That’s all.
    I did it, because I want first to focus on the contents of my blog.
    Congratulations! Wishing you greater results this month.


    Vic – BusinessAccents last blog post..What is our greatest asset in life?

    • Hi Vic,

      Thanks for your wishes. I were not using adsense a lot in this blog but I want to increase the adsense income, I may need to put more adsense around my blog.

    • Hi Shanker,

      That 71.26 it came from 2 sales of Ninja plugin one at regular price of 97 and the other one at 50% off so my earnings were half of my regular income minus some clickbank sort of charges of 1.49 that I really did not know were it came from. And yes that income came only from this site, Lawn Chair Millionaire its advertised only in this site, so its the only place where that sales could came from.

  3. Congratulations on your June income Luis! I agree with the first commenter and Shanker. Please share with us your tips regarding this specially Clickbank and Linkworth.

    Amors last blog post..Pouting Face

    • Hi Amor,

      This is the answer I did above to Ian from the comment above:

      “LinkWorth allows people to buy links in other sites and you can be a partner of LinkWorth and they will share the income from the people that buys links on your site, they pay you every month until the customers decides to quit”

      I already answer shanker regarding the clickbank income.

      Thanks a lot for coming, I am glad you came back Amor.

    • Hi Jake,

      Sorry I haven´t been at your blog. My offline biz is keeping me from my online businesess, I am trying to increase my income and get at least the same I had before my layoff. I will try to keep up with you and your nutty blog, lol.

  4. It’s great you finally tracked your blog income! Your earning are good enought to cover your online expense. I see that you use Ninja Affiliate plugin. Is it only for promoting the Ninja Affiliate product and make you earn some commission from it? I still don’t make a decent income online, but I’m satisfied with the income I made because I went from nothing and now I’m already making profit from blogging in just 4 months. I will try my best to increase my blog popularity and offer more content to my readers. I think you should be proud of the hard work you made on your current blog. Keep the good work!

    Benjamin Cips last blog post..How to Make Money With Your Blog

    • Hi Benjamin,

      This post was finally done thanks to your reminder in the previous post comment. I am glad I did track my income, now I know where I stand and can focus on what I need to improve my online income.

      The affiliate money from clickbank it is only from Ninja Affiliate Plugin, seems people like it as much as I like it 🙂

      • I would like to buy ninja affiliate plugin, but it’s really expensive ($97) plus it isn’t sure I’ll get my money back.. Do you use OIOpublisher plugin? I bought it and am fully satisfied with, I can make you a special price if you are interested. BTW, I changed my blog theme etc, I really want to improve my blog.
        .-= Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..Stop Making Your Blog Look Cheap =-.

        • Hi Benjamin,

          Yeah I know its somewhat expensive but from time to time they give some 50% off price, If you want I can notify you when this happen.

          Sorry, I´ve already have the OIO in this blog, but certainly if I didn´t have it, I would buy it from you, we the bloggers have to support each other, thanks for the offer.

        • If I was going to buy the ninja affiliate program, it would have been from a friend, I prefer to pay a product from the affiliate link of a blogger who struggle to make money online rather than one who is already a 6 figures income. Simply because they don’t need our help anymore, and as a blogger who struggle to make money online, I would like people to buy products I promote using my affiliate link. Can you tell me honestly if I will be able to get my money back soon if I buy this great products? I’m still wondering I could better keep money on AWeber, I use Aweber as affiliate program and already got one subscriber who is deneil merritt, if someone else subscribe from my link, I’ll think about using your link and buy it right now… But please notify me when the price is 50% off… and please explain me exactly what are the good things about this plugin, I visited the site, but didn’t see anything that could boost my affiliate sell that much, the only good thing is that with ninja affiliate people can’t steal your commissions… by the way what plugin do you use to feature a “subscribe and get my ebook” in your header?
          .-= Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..Stop Making Your Blog Look Cheap =-.

  5. Hello there.

    Your income looks pretty nice. But the most interesting information I’ve found on Your comment under the main post. Taht is:

    “I do have a review about Lawn Chair Millionaire, LinkWorth allows people to buy links in other sites and you can be a partner of LinkWorth and they will share the income …”

    buy penny stock is right about that: You should write an article about Your blog business strategy. It would be very interesting.

    bajki dla dziecis last blog post..Bolek I Lolek – Król Puszczy

  6. wow that is alot compare to mine. I don’t think I have earn so much before. By the way there is a giveaway at my blog open to us residents 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing your blog income Luis. It is a good idea to keep better track of this income. That way you can shift your ad focus appropriately.

    • Hi CashBack,

      You are right, even if you do not disclose your income, it is very wise to keep track of it, so you know where you stand and can take some actions to improve your online income.

  8. Hey there! Your earnings are awesome!!! I loved when I first started using BANs how my a simple revenue boost in the hundreds was golden! Keep up the good work. Use every resource possible to expand on that. If you are already making money through this then you can make more, and I mean, you can make MORE. The essentials are there. Tweek the site, add some content, keep it relevant and you are on your way to greater profits.

    Congrats again Luis!

    Tony Tovar
    SEO Writer/Specialist

    SEO Writers last blog post..Keyword SEO – Important or Not?

  9. hi,we had to report partial income and pay state tax for the months we lived in DC. We have already paid and now we’re told to pay our estimated taxes for 2009, quarterly and our first payment is due on April 15th and use a payment voucher. How do we figure our estimated taxes?

  10. Hi Luis Torres, that is awesome that you share your monthly earnings! I always love it when blog owners do that. My income level is nowhere near where I want it to be. But I keep fighting, thats for sure!

    Till then,


  11. Luis, good start for your first income report. Do you know actually people like to see income report, including myself. 😀
    You have a good income on June, and I totally agree with you that offline world is very busy and time consuming.

    I update my blog once 3 days, or 3 posts a week. I only update regularly when I have free time because I’m having few niche blogs on hand right now. 🙂

    .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..John Chow Is Back! =-.

  12. Hi Lee,

    Yes, only with more time in hand we can update regularly, I have lots of proyects online and that are keeping me from posting as I should, but soon I will finish and be able to post often again.

    • Yea, I’ve few projects on hand too, but the thing that took all my time is my day job, I worked till very late recently and I only had limited time to spend on blogging, so I could only updated my blog once 3 days. Anyway, hope to see you back and post often again. 🙂


    • In order to sell clickbank products and earn some money from it, you really need to work a little bit harder than others. In fact, I’ve just earned $80 from clickbank last month by using article marketing techniques with free blog. I’ve written an article about this too.

      Luis, other than article marketing, do you have any other techniques that is effective for selling clickbank products?

      .-= Lee Ka Hoong´s last blog ..4 Steps How I Make Money Online With ClickBank =-.

      • Hi Lee,

        Niche sites fully targeted will help a lot plus some forum interaction. Actually as I said above, I do not like very much clickbank, they get too difficult to get you paid.

  13. It’s not often you get such openness regarding monthly income… It’s great because for some people reading this is going to encourage them to continue when we all know it can be a struggle to keep blogging without seeing results… Thanks for the clarity, I think this will win you a lot of fans.

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