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How To Do A Niche Research In 4 Quick Steps

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Why looking for niches? Because The Money is in the Niche. You do not need a subscribers list, which it is very important to have, but if you are a beginner or your list is not big enough it would be almost imposible to make a decent amount of money from a tiny list.

You can make quite some money with high-responsive niches. The key is "High Responsive", since when you setup a new site it will not have much traffic, so the more responsive niche you get into the more money you will be able to make when your site still new.

I am using this steps as a blueprint for my own niche research efforts. Use these steps to make a quick and Free choosing of your niche.

(1) Look For Hot Topics At Amazon dot Com

Amazon is the largest online bookstore of the world, and a great place to look for your hot niche. Just go and look the bestsellers. One awesome niche topic is "weight loss" books but this still a huge niche with lots of competitors, so you can make it targeted by looking the current hot topics that the customers are buying.

(2) Check Magazines dot Com

After finding some niches that maybe profitable,  lets look further in. You can look what magazines are popular. Most of the magazines if not all are monthly, so if big companies are printing a new issue every month this means they are obtaining profits then the niche is Great to go for it.

(3) Do Keyword Research

 With the niches you got from your previous research, you will need to do a very thorough keyword research using tools like the free wordtracker to see how many searches are done per month for your niches. For instance, if you have a niche like weight loss, type ´weight loss´ and look for the amount of searches done per month. You will need a minimum of few thousand searches per month to consider that niche real hot.

 (4) Go To The Forums

Visit the forums of your niche. This can help you in two ways, if you are creating your own product then go to the forums to find what problems the people on your niche are facing. Then just create your product targeting the solution for your niche. If you are going for affiliate products then look for the product that can solve those problems. You may look into the Clickbank Marketplace for products to promote in your niche. If you are in the marketing niche then Warrior Forum its one of the best to go, if not the best.

Thats it, these ones were the "FreeWay" to go. There are also better ways but they are not free. I will post a second part of Niche research using paid tools, that of course will not be expensive, I will use it myself so better gotta be affordable for everyone and myself too, keep tune or better yet Subscribe to my full feed here if you please.

Did you use niche sites already? What´s your experience, would you tell us? leave a comment, Thank You.

To Your Success,

Luis Torres



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  1. Very nice post Luis! I had a similar idea about looking for a niche name before but finally opted for using my own name as my domain name. I know some interesting and well visited forum to promote your blog and products. I mentioned one of them in my last blog post. By the way, it would be great if you ever make a post about your blog income. I was wondering if you blog full time or still have a day work.

    Benjamin Cips last blog post..Does a Marketplace Better Than ClickBank and PayDotCom exist?

    • Hi Benjamin,

      Using your name is good for marketing your name, for money it could be better t use a domain name with a related keyword to your niche.

      I had seen a lot of other bloggers to diplay their earnings, Its just I did not track my income, but I think I will need to do it, at least for this month, maybe I will post on June about my May earnings, let me track them all.

      I use to blog part time, but since April 2 of this year I am doing it full time, cuz I was been layoff from my job. Actually I felt a relief more than stress, I just were planning to fire my boss for some time ago, I just hated to go over there every morning. I just need to increase my online income since it is not yet enough to live from it.

  2. Good tips! The “make money online” niche has so much competition you must search for niches that are fresh.Like you pointed out, Clickbank and Amazon are the best places to get ideas for your niche.Also, by using the Google keyword tool you will get a ruff estimate of how many searches there are and can see if it will be profitable or not to get into that niche.

    I just started 4 new niche blogs and the biggest problem is to get fresh and relevant content to them.

    Tom – Home Business Tipss last blog post..Making Money From Home Secrets With A Currency Trading Account

    • I know what you mean. Content it can be always an issue. If you can afford it, you may outsource that to ghostwriters, Alan from Affiliate Confessions like to buy a lot of content for his niche sites, If you want a reliable ghostwriter, I know a girl that are very good at, her name is Salwa you can check some info I wrote about her in the post below this one she fix my theme and maybe very affordable.

  3. Hi Luis,

    This is a great way, specially for me, as a domainer who owns several domains. Since creating a site full of rich original contents like blogs is very time consuming, creating niches is a nice move. Hmmm, I am excited to read your follow-up post regarding on this matter.

    Vics last blog post..Viral Marketing and the Word of Mouse

    • Hi Vic,

      I am glad you like it. Keep in touch and I will tell how to do it without spending so much time.

      I seen your site it seems you did something, you have many comments now. Can you tell us your secret? Congratulations, buddy.

  4. Nice post Luis!

    Don’t forget to use http://search.twitter.com/search

    Twitter is HUGE and not only do you need to drop EVERY blog post using your twitter account, you can use the search tool above to search your niche or keywords and find folks talking about it or looking for it!

    Then just send them a msg or reply back to their tweet so EVERYONE can see your link!

    Jakes last blog post..It’s Friday – Alone

  5. Hi Jako,

    Hope you dont mind I called you Jako, noce to have you here again buddy.

    Twitter is like your own list of subscribers but more interactive. You need to retrun favors or they will not follow you anymore. The more you have the better, right now I have 4576 followers and the clicks in my links have increased, I think I will need a squeeze page to send them there and have them on my aweber account instead at Twitter, lol.

    • Hi Vic,

      You mean the comments came from Disqus? Its good to hear that, I am glad that worked for you. I had seen it too with a lot of other bloggers using it, that´s why I pick that option when my comment form were not working.

  6. Here’s how I do with my niche blog. I first need to know what kind of blogs that I want to make. For example I will make a blog about penny stock. So I went into google adwords tool, and find out every keywords about “penny stock”. I look for good search number and low competition when I look for the keyword at google. The keyword that I found suitable for my needs is “buy penny stock”. I then bought a domain “buypennystockstoday.com” which have the “buy penny stock” keyword.

    buy penny stocks last blog post..Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

  7. If you are in marketing field. You must know what are requirement of people what they want if you know that and you are following this then it doesn’t matter what the way you are going for.

  8. This is really very nice and wonderful post i like to read this, mostly i used magazine.com, This is an amazing site for niche marketing hunting. Magazines.com spend a lot of money testing what to put on the covers of their magazines. Hence, anything mentioned on the cover is a sure hot topic.

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  10. Finding a hot Niche idea is the key to any internet marketing campaign. It’s imperative to find a niche that is passionate, and has money to spend. After all the key to marketing is finding a “starving” crowd (with disposable income), finding out what they need and then giving it to them.

  11. Two other great places to research niches is Google Trends and Google’s Adword’s Keywords tool, which can show you an approximation of search volume and give you a good indication of which keywords are the best to use and optimize for. I didn’t think of checking Amazon’s hot topics though. Great suggestion.

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